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The tale of an unwanted gift – how Google+ failed to take off

By Vizeum UK on 29th Sep 2014
Google Plus

Anyone that has sprung out of bed on Christmas Day, scampered down the stairs and begun tearing their way through paper will have felt the swell of disappointment that comes from an unwanted gift. There are, of course, many reasons that feeling swills around the pit of your stomach. You may already have it, own [...]

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A very Vizeum pub quiz

By Vizeum UK on 9th Apr 2014
London Evening Standard

If, during the perplexing popularity of the no-makeup selfie, you realised you’d rather see the finest men in media sporting enough slap to make a drag queen wince instead of women inadvertently adopting a polar bear… then the Vizeum pub quiz was for you. It was hosted at the Old Crown by the wonderful yet [...]

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Your media week in two minutes

By Vizeum UK on 4th Apr 2014
Turkey blocks access to Twitter website

Top news story of the week The European Parliament has passed a net neutrality law, which means that ISPs cannot deliberately slow down access to certain sites or content. What makes this move so significant is that it keeps access to the web open for European citizens. By contrast, this type of law doesn’t exist [...]

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Why being a contrary browser could fuel new discoveries

By Vizeum UK on 6th Mar 2014

In the ever-growing and expansive world of apps, I love the ambition of a new entrant in particular. Forgotify promises to rescue the music that sits in Spotify’s extensive and vast library having never – yes, never – been listened to. Because it has been deprived of its opportunity to impress, this poor, undiscovered music [...]

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Is Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp a knee jerk reaction?

By Vizeum UK on 20th Feb 2014

Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp could be seen as a knee jerk reaction to its decline in usage among young people, the demographic largely responsible for WhatsApp’s amazing growth. Certainly by buying WhatsApp, Facebook has ensured it will see an uplift in numbers with younger audiences and stopped any of the other big players in the [...]

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MINI Olympic adventures

By Vizeum UK on 20th Jul 2012

Friday 27th July marks the beginning of the biggest sporting occasion to hit these shores since… well since most of us were born. To celebrate the Olympic Games coming to London, MINI has launched The London 2012 Special Edition model in red, white and blue and we have been helping them mark the launch with a series [...]

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Social performance

By Vizeum UK on 16th Jul 2012

There seem to be two schools of thought about the use of social media as a measurable response medium –the first saying ‘don’t do it’, the second claiming to have cracked the problem of measuring an ROI from it. I don’t subscribe to either, but don’t intend rubbishing them here. Both points of view have their [...]

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Nike’s first Twitter own goal

By Vizeum UK on 22nd Jun 2012
Wayne Rooney's resolution

This week Nike notched up another media first… this time it’s not one they were looking for. In January Nike got Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere tweet a message to their followers using the campaign hashtag #makeitcount.             #Sofarsogood. What they failed to do was to ad a #ad (or [...]

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Coca-Cola brings EURO 2012 to the Fans

By Vizeum UK on 11th Jun 2012
Coca Cola Fan reporter

For Euro 2012, Coca-Cola want to celebrate consumers’ passion for football by being there with them in ‘the moment’.  We identified the two key properties through which to build a meaningful association, talkSPORT  and ITV – the tournament’s two commercial broadcasters.  We focused our investment in these channels to maximise efficiency & relevance (fewer things [...]

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The Bird Is the Word for Twitter

By Vizeum UK on 8th Jun 2012

Twitter has unveiled a new branding for all its assets, the bird. The original twitter bird “Larry” (named after US basketball star Larry Bird) has had a haircut, slimmed down and is now flying upwards.  It’s fair to say, most people won’t notice the difference. However for Twitter the new streamlined upward facing bird symbolises [...]

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BMW’s Olympic Gold

By Vizeum UK on 29th May 2012

As an Olympic sponsor and torch relay partner, BMW wanted to find a way to support their association with the pre-Olympic procession, whilst also supporting their dealer network and showcasing their product. Rather than advertise nationally we wanted to create a regional buzz, driving interest and involvement with the relay, far beyond the reach of [...]

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Budweiser brings the FA Cup to zeebox

By Vizeum UK on 14th May 2012

We’ve been working with ABInBev to help them “start from a different place”, push boundaries and identify key innovations for their portfolio of brands. One of the most exciting opportunities we looked at was the Social TV app zeebox. zeebox allowed us to place social at the heart of our planning whilst enhancing the already [...]

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Instagram Rises

By Vizeum UK on 6th Feb 2012
ASOS On Instagram

Instagram is frequently used as an integral part of the social media marketing mix, used across industries and is growing at a rapid rate. The cutting edge social network currently has a userbase of over 15 million and attracts a new registration every second. Looking at recent campaigns and developments, it is inspiring to take [...]

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2012 the Year of Pinterest?

By Vizeum UK on 5th Feb 2012

During the past year we have seen some major revelations in the world of social media with the arrival of Google+, Twitter Brand pages and Facebook Timeline. However perhaps the biggest hit of 2011 was not one of the industry giants but in fact coming in the form of the social bookmarking tool and network, [...]

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Social and Mobile

By Vizeum UK on 15th Jan 2012

Developers are becoming social… The fastest growing areas of digital in 2011 were social media and mobile platforms. Mobile technology has always been at the centre of how people communicate and keep in touch whether it is via text, email, call, and more recently increasingly via social network. Mobile internet is set to surpass desktop [...]

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Cadbury Launches New Product on Google+

By Vizeum UK on 13th Jan 2012

Earlier this week Cadbury announced it newest product, the Dairy Milk Bubbly, on Google+, a first time for the brand on the platform. Econsultancy reports  that the packaging is Blippar enabled, thus allowing customers with the augmented reality app to access content. Eyes are open to see if other brands will follow suit.

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Intel’s Museum of Me

By Vizeum UK on 13th May 2011

Ok so this may be just jumping on the back of Facebook’s Timeline a little but it is a very cool visual from Intel. The brand have been relatively quiet over the past year with their heads down working to develop and promote their i3,i5 and i7 processor chips, and these videos do a great [...]

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