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Your media week in two minutes…

If you hate football then it’s almost time to rejoice, as there’s just two matches to go before the 2014 World Cup comes to a close. However, it would be remiss of us not to mention one of the biggest spankings in the history of the competition in this week’s newsletter, as the world came together to marvel at hysterical reactions of a nation. Elsewhere, mind-controlled tech finally have become a reality and Google Glass promised to revolutionise the betting world.

If you only remember five things this week then make sure it’s these…


Sambarrgh! Brazil’s defeat breaks not just sporting records but Twitter records too
Tuesday night saw World Cup hosts Brazil suffer a humiliating 7-1 defeat to Germany. The unprecedented result quickly became the most tweeted about sporting event in history, with over 35.6 million tweets, surpassing the near 25 million about the Superbowl final back in February. A new record for tweets per minute was also set with more than 580,000 tweets when Sami Khedira scored Germany’s fourth in the 29th minute. Hundreds of memes about Brazils defeat being created and getting picked up on. Since Vine has seen massive growth in popularity this World Cup, we couldn’t resist including this… apologies to any Brazilians.


This Place brings a mind-powered tech future a step closer
UK company the This Place has put an end to at least one of the things that makes someone earing Google Glass annoying -vocal commands. They have combined the telekinetics and the brain-wave reading technology of Neurosky with the Google Glass headset to enable users to activate the device with the power of thought. The improved functionality provided by the pairing opens up interesting possibilities for headset wearers like voice-free picture taking and sharing. More importantly, it could also empower those suffering from paralysis and locked-in syndrome.

MindRDR from This Place Ltd on Vimeo.


Samsung feels sorry for the wall huggers
Advertising phone features is tough to get right but Samsung have hit upon a real pain point for Apple iPhone users – battery life. To promote the new Galaxy S5’s ultra-power saving mode and inter-changeable batteries, Samgsung have created a video that is based on a very human truth – no one likes to be tethered to a wall waiting for their phone to charge. It will be interesting to see if Apple respond to this development in any way.

Betfair uses Google Glass on live TV
Betfair became the first betting brand to use Google Glass live on air, as part of its wider strategic plan to develop bespoke products for Glass over the coming year. The gambling website’s spokesman Barry Orr donned the futuristic specs live on screen for his reports from Leicester for The Horse Racing Channel. He used Google Glass to update viewers with real-time notifications around race results, non-runners, jockey changes, and offer real-time changes in the all-important odds.


Belgian girl lands modelling contract due to the wandering camera lens and social media
Axelle Despiegelaere a 17 year old girl from Belgium went to Brazil to support her country and ended up receiving a modelling contract after being photographed at a match at the World Cup. The picture of her in the stands made the rounds on Twitter and filled the pages of newspapers around the world. A fan-made Facebook page quickly amassed 271,000 likes and her own office Facebook page (which has now been deleted) generated 20,000 likes in less than a day. L’Oreal saw the potential in her and most importantly the big PR opportunity and offered her a modelling contract, which has already paid-off as the news of her signing received coverage in major news publications around the world. A low budget promotional video of her getting her hair done by a L’Oreal stylist in preparation for the Argentina vs Belgium game has generated nearly 2,000,000 views in three days.