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Your media week in two minutes…

There are three billion reasons why Apple has grabbed its customary position in the headlines this week but we’ve also seen a first from Channel 4 announced while the UK readies for a cash treasure hunt. Here’s our pick of the most innovative stories from the last seven days.

Top News Story of the Week 
Apple has bought Beats headphones for $3bn (£1.8m), which represents its biggest ever acquisition. The deal has left some commentators slightly confused as it lies at odds with the established Apple strategy of creating products rather than acquiring them. As such many see it as a sign that the company is losing its way. However, those in favour of the acquisition believe that it’s as a great strategic move as it provides Apple with another growing revenue stream outside of the iPhone, allows it to move into the growing music streaming market (as digital downloads are falling), and offers access to ‘cool’ artists and sports stars.

Tech Star of the Week
Making a difference while doing nothing sounds impossible but Samsung is actually making it easy with a new app. In order to fight diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer, labs need to know how proteins are created. Such processes require a series of tests that need immense computing power, which is exactly where Power Sleep comes in. In partnership with the University of Vienna, the app transmits un-used CPU power from a mobile to research labs overnight, which is vital to scientific calculations. Download the app now and start making a difference.

C4 in live ad break music performance
Google Play, Channel 4 and Universal Music have partnered together to create the first ever live music performance in an ad break. The much-vaunted Brit award winner Sam Smith will perform his number one single ‘Stay With Me’ at London’s Roundhouse. The performance will be streamed live during the whole ad break in the middle of Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Channel 4 tonight at around 10.45pm. The deal was brokered and paid for by Google as part of their on-going promotion of their Google Play store.

Is football about fair play?
Coca-Cola definitely wants us to believe so. For one of the most talked about derbies of all time, Inter vs AC Milan, Coke decided to take a risk and create a vending machine to spread happiness in what’s largely recognised as the one of the most tense matches of the Italian league season. It’s a time when friends, neighbours and colleagues become enemies for a day. Coke dropped two vending machines – equipped with cameras and microphones – on the opposite sides of the stadium where Milan fans could only share a Coke with Inter fans and vice versa, and never get a one for themselves.

Social Moment of the Week
The US account already has more than 323k followers but this week saw @Hiddencash_UK launch on Twitter on this side of the pond. Positioning itself as a social experiment aimed at helping ordinary people, the anonymous account hides real cash in envelopes across secret locations in the UK and tweets out clues for people to discover their location. The first one, with £50 inside, was hidden in Leeds and was found within 15 minutes. Today there is an envelope hidden in London so get looking before everyone else catches on!