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Your media week in two minutes…

The festival season is almost upon us and while there isn’t a wellie in sight, the world of media has still made its voice heard with a number of musical initiatives…

Top News Story of the Week
Rumour has it that the largest gaming streaming network around, Twitch, might be bought by Google for a hefty $1 billion. We’re not entirely sure what the search giant is planning to do with the acquisition, but it’s clearly a move to monetise a broadcast category that no one currently owns. With the huge amount of gamers active on the website – streaming their experiences and helping one another with cheats and tips – there’s definitely massive potential to make something bigger out of this deal. The trick will be ensuring that a notoriously wary and suspicious audience are on board, so Google may have to tread lightly at first.

Tech Star of the Week
Putting your headphones on and listening to music alone could be considered antisocial when you’re surrounded by friends. So what if you could make the headphone set social? That’s exactly what a smart entrepreneurial duo from Berkeley decided to do by developing the Wearhaus Arc. Using their words: “These headphones connect with a special app on your phone and on phones around you. When you play music, folks nearby can connect to your headphones and listen along or you can create a massive ‘quiet’ listening party from one single source.”

Putting song into social photos
Former Topshop marketer Justin Cooke has launched a new app to add greater meaning to the endless amount of pictures that we share online. Tunepic works a lot like Instagram by allowing people to upload their own pictures and add filters and overlays. But that isn’t where it ends; the app is asking people to add what mood they’re in when sharing a picture, with the opportunity to also add a song from iTunes. The latter functionality shows a developer that’s really thought about the launch and put an affiliate programme in place.

Beck’s brings music to the streets of NZ
To celebrate the Music Month in New Zealand, Beck’s beer wanted to recognise and ramp up their involvement with emerging local talent by creating a media first. Using conductive ink and capacitive touch technology, they created a series of outdoor playable posters that would not only play music when triggered by touch but also allow people to create their own sound effect in time with the music being played. Along with the audio posters, the alcohol brand has also released a ‘Beck’s Records’ series of bottles that feature vibrant collage labels that merge different typography styles.

Social Moment of the Week
Perhaps inevitably, the European election proved a hot bed for derision and mockery with the howlers that always coincide with highly-covered media events. Unsurprisingly, it has been UKIP that has endured the most ridicule with its ill-advised #WhyImSupportingUKIP campaign top of the list. It started with some key supporters of the party attempting to get some campaign points across but hilarity ensued as the hashtag was used more widely to mock the party.

However, UKIP wasn’t the only one on the social agenda with the hair credentials of all the candidates critiqued and some fantastic mock ups of Ed Miliband failing to eat a bacon sandwich, with any form of dignity. Who said politics was boring?