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Your media week in two minutes…

Few occasions tend to divide opinion quite as much as Halloween, but one thing is certain – that its place in the UK calendar has been well and truly cemented in recent years to presenting a real opportunity to cash in (in some people’s eyes).

Well, there’s no tricks and only treats to be found in this week’s edition with stories on mobile, innovative OOH GIF campaigns, a navigation app that really understands YOU, and Robbie Williams… dancing, of course.


The mobile revolution continues at pace
It seems mobile is eating the world at a faster pace than any ‘year of mobile’ evangelist could have imagined. Facebook announced that its number of mobile daily active users is up to 1.12 billion (29% YOY increase) and that it now has 456 million mobile-only users. This increased usage has led to an uplift in mobile ad revenue to account for two-thirds of all Facebook ad revenue ($2.96bn). Likewise, Twitter revealed this week that 85% of all its ad revenue comes from mobile. Meanwhile, a Google study in Asia cemented the continent’s position as the leading ‘mobile first’ region. Singapore and Korea have the first and second highest smartphone penetration at 85% and 80%, and in many parts of Southeast Asia smartphone adoption is actually higher than PC adoption.


Feel at home in a space you barely know
Israeli start-up Shopcloud has developed an app called INSIDE that automatically connects to the internet upon entering a building and accesses a floor plan. The handset then uses its camera to spot unique visual landmarks and process the images using computer vision algorithms to keep track of the user’s approximate location. The accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer also kick in to track the user’s more precise movements, and actually ‘learn’ the one-of-a-kind movement signature of that person – if the phone is handed to someone else, the app will know that it’s not the same person. INSIDE currently works on iOS and Android with a windows version also in the works.

shopcloud from Inside Navigation on Vimeo.


Netflix takes the GIF ad to the next level
As part of its European expansion, streaming service Netflix launched in France this week by using GIFs in an innovative way for an out-of-home media campaign. Each GIF creative was developed using frames from specific TV shows that are available within the platform’s vast media library. “Nothing new there”, we hear you say. What makes this activity particularly unique is that the content is continuously updated in real-time reacting to news, weather, contextually localised events, and the time of day. Netflix really has leveraged the potent combination of real-time and iconic content to ensure a new brand is seen as relevant in the eyes of its target audience.

Coca-Cola gets personal to ‘Stay Extraordinary’
With the ‘Share a Coke with…’ campaign receiving global attention, it’s no surprise that FMCG brands are jumping on the trend of hyper-personalisation to surprise consumers and create emotive connections. This week, Coca-Cola took individuality to the next level. To reaffirm the concept that Diet Coke drinkers are all unique, the company decided to release more than two millions bottles in Israel, each of them with an exclusive unique design auto-generated by a special algorithm. For its ‘Stay Extraordinary’ campaign, the brand created hundreds of unique OOH executions, created individual merchandising with the customer’s chosen design at POS, and forged a TV partnership with The Voice with idents airing after an extraordinary performance.

Diet Coke presents: Millions of one of a kind bottles from Gefen Team on Vimeo.


No Regrets? Robbie tells the world ‘Let Me Entertain You’ at the wrong time
There was a time when the delivery room was a place where men feared to tread, instead leaving the midwife alone to help his significant other through a gruelling yet joyous moment. Oh, how times have changed. Men are playing more of a role in the birth of their offspring through simple supporting gestures like cutting the umbilical cord. But surely time hasn’t moved on so far that a father – even a multi-millionaire – expects be the centre of attention on a global scale while his wife suffers? It has if you’re Robbie Williams, whose video diary from his wife’s bedside was viewed 17 million times on Facebook and his inane Twitter commentary from his wife’s bedside triggered a truly negative reaction. In an age where it seems a week doesn’t go by without celebrities revealing their most private moments on social media, Robbie Williams has managed to trump them all.