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Your media week in two minutes…

So the participants in the biggest ad event of the year are set. In just over a week’s time the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will compete in the greatest show on turf. While those that have forked out the £3m+ fee to advertise eagerly await the big kick off, America has been gripped by a discussion about Tom Brady’s balls, which he claims are ‘perfect’.

Away from Gridiron’s annual showpiece, we’ve got stories on The Sun, Microsoft and Snapchat. So here’s the five things that you need to remember this week… Hut, Hut, Hike


The Sun manages to troll the entire country
In a tweet that sparked a national debate, Head of PR at The Sun, Dylan Sharpe, decided to prank the nation with the fake news that Page Three was disappearing from the nation’s most loved newspaper. Unsurprisingly, the news was well received by many women rights’ associations and a few British journalists who were celebrating the outcome as a result of their enduring protests. However, as of yesterday, The Sun published their latest edition with a Page Three model and a tongue-in-cheek apology to print and broadcast journalists who had spent the past few days talking and writing about the news. EA


See the world in a very different way
Many have dreamed about Virtual Reality (VR) for decades. But early attempts to develop it were disappointing as the tech wasn’t ready yet. The Oculus Rift showed that the technology is now there to produce a great VR experience. This week Microsoft revealed the HoloLens which isn’t quite a VR device itself but an addition as it projects holograms on to real surfaces. The aim is to connect digital with physical, which makes is less immersive than VR but more interactive. The demos suggest it could impact how we approach everything from design to entertainment. RE


Take a shave to left, and a shave to the right
In this swipe or die world, how do you make an impression when you’ve only got about two seconds? To answer this pressing question Gillette teamed up with first impression masters, Tinder, to conduct a study into who gets the most matches, the groomed or the grungy. Gillette recruited 100,000 bearded men from Tinder, and after a week swapped in some better groomed images to see which look was most popular. The result, 74% of right swipes went to the well groomed.  Sorry Shoreditch, but it looks like it’s time to ditch the facial fur if you want to impress the ladies. JSB

Pizza Hut does it for the Aussies down under
Pizza Hut is celebrating Australia Day by launching a special edition pizza with a Vegemite stuffed crust.  Much like many Britons love for Marmite, we all know how precious and proud the Aussies are with their national spread. To show the world what they’re really missing out on, creative agency Host created a hilarious video showing young adults from all over the world reacting to a pizza taste-test, followed by a reaction from the locals. Unsurprisingly, our Antipodean friends are the only ones to like the new creation. EA


Dad calls out racist Snapchat bullies
Furious father Bradley Knudson took to Youtube this week to name and shame two teen boys who bullied his daughter via Snapchat. In his video entry, which has amassed more than a million views, he plays the last of four Snapchats that contain a number of racial slurs. He goes on to reveal how he approached the parents of the twin bullies but was told the boys had said nothing wrong. The bullies’ father then left several abusive voicemails claiming him and his boys were happy to ‘own’ what had been said. Thankfully Knudson followed suit, calling out the man, Deron Puro, who has subsequently lost his job. RD

EA – Enzo Annunziata; RE – Ruro Efue; JSB – James Sexton-Barrow; RD – Rory Davis