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We’re surprised that black Friday wasn’t dubbed Black & White Friday with all the recent excitement around Penguins. We’re not just talking about Monty but also the action heroes, Penguins of Madagascar, who land next week. In fact, the world seems to be going mad for all things Spheniscinae with sales of Penguin Chocolate Bars up 75%. It’s all bad news for our little red breasted friend, the Robin, who inexplicably remains out of favour.

We are not offering any cut price deals today, just the best quality stories from the past five days in media…


Facebook’s approach to privacy under scrutiny
In the UK, we’ve seen what is likely to turn out to be a large can of privacy worms prised open. The Woolwich Inquiry into the death of Lee Rigby has accused Facebook of failing to flag extremist messages posted by Michael Adebowale. The allegation levelled at the world’s pre-eminent social network platform is that it could have done more to assist police in identifying Adebowale as a potential threat. It’s raised serious questions over just how much access governments should have access to. The fight against terrorism is understandably a controversial and emotive topic for many, but people are also unsure of the implications of giving government’s full access. This issue is only likely to run and run.


Big data eliminates bad booze for all
Next Glass recommends alcohol through scientific analysis of more than 20,000 bottles of wine and 4,500 bottles of beer. Users rate different beer or wine through a series of yes or no Tinder-like swiping cards and the software then matches up that person’s preferences with an ever-expanding database. Next Glass actually analyses thousands of chemical compounds that make up each glass of beer or wine to determine which ones impart the flavours a user likes. When browsing the off-licence or supermarket, the user points the smartphone at a bottle and launches the app; the camera automatically reads the label and the app generates a 1-100 recommendation score.


Pizza Hut finds out the harsh way
To launch its latest series of ‘modern’ pizzas, Pizza Hut decided to taste-test some of its new menu creations with the old people of Sorrento who’ve been making original pizzas all their lives. In the hilarious video, the old-fashioned Italians are obviously not amused by the offering; showing in truly demonstrative fashion a distinct refusal and indignation. It represents a clever way of poking fun at the brand; the ad is trying to demonstrate that the traditional pizza category needed a shake-up compared to the ordinary and established flavours!

TDBank & #MakeTodayMatter project
Following the hugely successful ATM (Automated Thanking Machine) viral, TDBank has once again created a tear-jerker with the launch of its latest CSR campaign… #MakeTodayMatter. In an attempt to share how generous their customers are, TDBank surprised 24 of them with a grant of $30,000 to do something special for their communities in just 24 hours. By visiting the website, you can watch each of the 24 stories and understand more about each cause.


Black Friday becomes a major event as all-out carnage takes place
The social moment this week may well have been on Wednesday night when ITV pushed this #shedtubestarbottlechestkeyscoordinatescompassfoggyjimmychopper on I’m a Celebrity with surprising success. But this has been eclipsed by scenes of Black Friday. The discount retail event, which originates from the US, seems bigger than ever this year. The opening of one ASDA’s doors in London this morning looked like something from World War Z with people trampled on in the excitement over a bargain. Currys PC World said its web traffic this morning was five times higher than last Black Friday, with eight transactions per second – in stores and online combined – at sales peak, despite the website introducing a queuing system that meant some customers waited an hour to access the site. However, ALDI rose above it all, with this smart tweet promoting their everyday low prices. If your faith in humanity needed restoring after all this, revive it with this heart-warming story about the world sending birthday cards to Manuel Parisseaux.

BLACK FRIDAY at ASDA Wembley – POV as doors open from mediarav on Vimeo.