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Your media week in two minutes…

OK, OK… So you’ve had enough of reading about Vizeum and AB InBev… We completely understand, which is why we think it’s only right that we save you from having to wade through all the other media stories from the week by flagging what you really need to know about.

Shockingly, there’s no room for any spooky voice Halloween apps, but you will find HBO, space cameras, KLM, Randy Orton and… a camera in a bra.


HBO introduces revolutionary TV model 
TV has been a focus for brands when it comes to innovation as they look to make the most of shifts in the way that consumers view content. And now HBO is aiming to shake up the US TV market in 2015 with the launch of a standalone, web-based ‘over-the-top’ service. It lets viewers access programmes such as Game of Thrones without requiring a broader cable or satellite subscription. The service is likely to appeal to younger demographics, which are less linear in their viewing habits and are looking for flexibility and value. HBO is expected to widen the service to other markets in the future, so watch this space.


The Wall of China now visible from space
UrtheCast is a Canadian start-up that has installed cameras on the International Space Station (ISS) that constantly sends high res images of the Earth back to a dedicated website. It allows you to find out when the ISS will pass over a specific location to open up the potential for individuals and brands to create things that can be seen and captured from space. The data could prove pretty handy too. The cameras are accurate enough to pick up details such as the number of vehicles in a Chinese factory car park, which economists could use to predict the country’s output.


KLM go extra yard by being #happytohelp
While many brands are exploring the full potential of real-time comms, Dutch airline KLM has gone one step further by erecting a glass structure to house its ‘real-time newsroom’ in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Inside are more than 250 customer service experts that are on duty 24/7 to answer travel dilemmas and queries from across the globe. The idea was created to physically bring to life KLM’s reputation for service. If you have a question, just tweet using #happytohelp and KLM will get back to you and may even produce a full video response!

Maintain eye contact, or risk being on BraCam
We all know the cliché about where a man’s brain is actually situated, and the subsequent way that it apparently effects their interest with breasts. However, a brilliant new video from Nestle Fitness has shown that it’s not just men that like to cop a look. The brand fitted a woman’s bra with a secret camera and counted just how many times her breasts were checked out. It represents a brilliants simple way to raise awareness on the importance of women checking for the early signs of breast cancer. If you were wondering what the final count was then here’s hint on the final number: it’s definitely double figures.


Out of nowhere(!) WWE wrestler goes viral with unreal Vines
WWE star Randy Orton, famed for his “RKO” signature move, has been trending on Twitter this week as millions around the world enjoy a series of hilarious Vines featuring the pro-wrestler. Orton’s RKO finishing move is rapidly being applied to almost every available ‘fail’ video possible, transforming them into brilliantly surreal Vines. Originally created by Steve Ozzi, Orton has been inserted into a variety of different situations, with the wrestler knocking out a diverse mix of hapless stumblers… from footballers Robin Van Persie and Artoro Vidal to skateboarders and ice-skating anthem singers. A compilation of the videos on Youtube is already approaching two million views this week.