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Your media week in two minutes…

All aboard the £2.5bn new air conditioned, driverless tube and that other snaking, glowing vision of the future – ‘your media week in two minutes’.

While this campaign from Thorne Travel might be the best (and worst) thing we’ve seen on YouTube this week, it narrowly missed out on making the five things you need to remember from the past seven days…


Snapchat investment suggests a serious player
Yahoo is set to invest $20m into Snapchat, valuing the company at $10bn – an astonishing figure for a company that doesn’t make any revenue. Yahoo’s purchasing history may be chequered but its investment record is pretty good, and it will be hoping to replicate the success of Alibaba which generated an $8bn profit. The deal suggests that Snapchat could emerge as a genuine rival to Facebook, and this short video explores its popularity among teens and suggests it could eventually dominate. However, to truly compete Snapchat will need to make money and talk of ‘opt in’ ads a first step – IF it doesn’t annoy users.


Do you really care who it is that messaged?
Look out Whatsapp – there is a new message service in town. Open Garden’s ‘Firechat’ app doesn’t even need the internet to work as it can be accessed via a Bluetooth connection. It first started gaining traction among protesters in Hong Kong. One of the reasons the service is so popular during these events is that Firechat allows users to stay completely anonymous. Starting today, however, the company is also launching verified accounts for those users who do want their real names and make sure they aren’t impersonated by someone else.


Lost: one pet iguana by the name of Ralph
HP may have shook up the tech industry with the news that it’s splitting itself in two this week – but that’s not all its been up to. Its released a new interactive campaign that showcases its range of products by telling the story of a boy that has lost his pet iguana Ralph. Beyond the TV spot, HP has created several interactive elements, including a twitter competition using the hashtag #FindRalph, YouTube videos and Vines made by well-known users such as Robbie Ayala. If you are keen to help our friend find Ralph, which we’re sure you are, then you can visit HP’s dedicated microsite where you’ll find a map to help you locate our reptilian pal.

God Only Knows how Auntie managed this
Seventeen years ago the BBC unveiled a megastar-laden line-up performing a rock classic to help justify the licence fee promote its music offering. Now they’ve done it again with the Beach Boy’s God Only Knows, which was given its first airing across all Beeb platforms to mark the launch of BBC Music – “an ambitious wave of new programmes, innovative partnerships and ground-breaking music initiatives”. The video itself is a glossy affair with the song’s composer Brian Wilson joined by Sir Elton John (the only survivor from Perfect Day), One Direction, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Chris Martin, Kylie Minogue, Florence Welch, Brian May and Dave Grohl… to name but a few. The song will raise money for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal.


It’s time for the selfie to step aside as ‘Glitch Face’ becomes a social’s craze
We’ve all taken a selfie and recoiled in horror at the sight of a double chin or a blemish jumping out of the screen. However, as the old saying goes – things could always be worse. NBA 2K15 fans lived out their worst nightmares as the games’ much-vaunted face scan function failed with some spectacular results. If you’d like to know what you’d look like as a zombie or with an additional mouth then this is the game for you. What started as a discussion topic in a niche games forum was soon picked up on social media as gamers flocked to showcase their new looks. Search #facescan to see for yourself.


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