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Your media week in two minutes…

If there’s one theme that runs through this week’s news stories then its flexibility. This covers many different areas from a requirement to adjust in order to enact social change and modifying an innovative piece of technology in an exciting way to an unwanted by product of a new product launch.

Here’s our pick of the news that matters from the last seven days.

Emma Watson reignites equality debate
In a watershed moment for feminism, actress and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson gave a powerful speech on gender equality to launch her new initiative, HeForShe. The campaign urges men to take a stand against gender inequality of all types. Her speech has gained nearly one million views on YouTube, plenty of coverage and support with 68,000 men worldwide signing up so far. Unfortunately, a number of 4chan users have allegedly threatened to expose nude pictures of Watson, creating a website with a countdown clock. In her speech, Watson said, “No country in the world can yet say they have achieved gender equality.” The reactions post-speech only serve to highlight how right she is.

Attack of the drones, but in a good way
Scrap the Amazon fast deliveries and the latest attempt from Coca Cola to deliver an emotional campaign, if there was one thing that we’d want drones to do, this would be it. These drones, called ‘Smart Atoms’, are equipped with LED lights and create 3D illustrations of any object in mid-air. Also, by editing the content in speed motion, brands could create rather compelling videos and strong PR photo opportunities. In our opinion, active user engagement is going to make this ‘fly’. Just imagine if people could design something, or write their names on a tablet and automatically see it come to life in the sky. Is this the future for guerrilla and OOH projections?

Valet parking goes BIG for Volvo ad
Unfortunately, for many here at Vizeum Towers the prospect of regularly visiting red carpet establishments with valet parking is but a dream. However, those of you that are familiar with the experience will love the latest in a spate of hidden camera ads. The latest one is “The Casino” by Volvo which promotes its Van vehicles. It features a parking valet in his first day at the job who is the only person completely unaware that he is about to park a massive truck. As his face shows, 23-year-old Ambrogio Adani has a first day he’ll always remember.

UKIP performs U-turn… for 72 hours at least
“I’m Nigel Farage and I love Europe. No I really do. The wine, the food, the excellent transport system, the clogs.” The nation’s favourite Eurosceptic and self-styled man of the people, Nigel Farage, has announced his support for Europe’s Ryder Cup team in a new Paddy Power ad. Launched on Thursday, the two minute video, in which Farage even quotes 2Unlimited, has received 89,000 views on YouTube. While some viewers on Twitter claim the ad is clever marketing with a self-deprecating Farage poking fun at his views on Europe, others have threatened to cancel their Paddy Power account for backing a ‘racist’ politician.

#Bendgate puts a kink in Apple’s plan for sustained tech dominance
It started off as a great week for Apple with record breaking sales of the iPhone 6 but ended in disaster as iPhone 6 users posted pictures and videos of their bent phones. The issue, dubbed #bendgate by Twitter users, trended on Twitter for three days and videos that showcase the issue have been dominating the YouTube homepage for three days generating 33 million views in the process. Many analysts believe that it won’t affect sales, but the stock market isn’t as confident with Apple’s share price falling by 3%. Apple has claimed that the bending iPhone 6’s are extremely rare as they’ve only received nine complaints about it, which if true goes to show how a problem experienced by a few can become a huge headache for brands. Apple’s competitors jumped on the negativity around #Bendgate to troll Apple on Twitter with other brands outside of the category also joining in.