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Your media week in two minutes…

This week has all been about the unveiling of a true tech evolution. One visionary company continues to revolutionise our lives and change the way we interact with the world around us. However, SanDisk weren’t the only company to shake the world with the release of the largest SD memory card ever. Microsoft, Samsung and some San Francisco company named after a piece a fruit also grabbed the headlines.

Here’s our pick of the news that matters from the last seven days.


Rejoice! Apple is innovating once again

One has to admire Apple. Very few companies can cause the world to stop at the drop of a hat for the unveiling of a slightly bigger phone. However, whispers had begun to spread through the industry questioning whether it had lost its raison d’être amid a run of rather predictable launches. Those concerns have been, by and large, put in their place this week after CEO Tim Cook unveiled not one but two iPhone models. While these sleeker, improved models were always likely to garner a reaction it was their foray into the world of wearable, and payment tech that really caught the eye. Apple Watch boosts a host of functionality including visual language system Digital Touch and the incorporated NFC technology for Apple Pay could make a wallet-less future a real possibility.


Microsoft acquires gaming phenomenon

Microsoft is set to buy Mojang, the Swedish games studio behind the successful Minecraft series, for $2bn. Minecraft, which has sold 56m copies, is often described as a virtual Lego, as you use blocks to build anything you want with some gamers recreating famous landmarks, cities and countries. The sale has surprised many as Mojang’s founder, Markus Persson has been very critical of big corporations such as Microsoft, and stopped working on Oculus Rift after it was acquired by Facebook. It marks the first move by Microsoft’s new CEO and should increase sales and interest in its phones, tablets, Xbox, and generate profits through licensing agreements for toys and movies.


DJ français demande aux fans de #myass

Are you a fan of French house music? If so, then you should be aware of a quite brilliant Instagram video experience from Etienne De Crecy for his new song ‘Hashtag My Ass’. Fans can connect their Instagram accounts to a dedicated website for a personalised video experience where their pictures show up on the record sleeves featured in the video. They are then encouraged to share the video on social media and upload it to his YouTube channel. C’est magnifique!

Samsung fires first shot over iPhone 6

No sooner had Tim Cook left the stage then Samsung was already throwing a few early shots in its ongoing fight with Apple. The Android manufacturer has released a new set of videos that mock its rival’s faults including the iPhone’s livestream issues, battery life, and multi-tasking capabilities. The ads are part of the ‘Note the Difference’ campaign to promote the fourth iteration of the Samsung Galaxy note and while they don’t mention any competitor, the stars’ t-shirts do look very familiar. Android fans have also been out in force mocking Apple’s creations.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a… dog… dressed as a… spider

Poland has a new superhero and his ascent to stardom this week means he also picks up the trophy for Social Hero. His name? Chica the Spider Dog. He’s generated a whopping 80 million views in just under a week and scooped 96,000 likes on the official Facebook page. The four legged pet has been scaring off people after being dressed by an ingenious prankster as a huge furry tarantula. Creating prank videos has been a rising trend within the YouTube platform and this piece clearly suggests that there is still a huge audience for this type of content. The video was made by SA Wardega, a Polish YouTube vlogger who has 2.1 million subscribers and a history of successful pranks, so definitely not a one-hit wonder.