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Why Vizeum is supporting The Bakery and bringing our clients with us

This is an exciting week for all of us. Not just for the team here at Vizeum, but for all of who work for media and creative agencies.

Words like ‘innovation’, ‘platform integration’, ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘start-up approach’ and ‘disruptive’ are thrown around daily as we constantly searching for new and more effective solutions for our clients.

But what do they actually mean? And, perhaps more pointedly, how many of us can truly claim to have our ear to the ground when it comes to spotting innovative opportunities that can potentially yield real results for our clients in a way none of us had previously thought possible?

London truly is the emerging technology capital of Europe, now more so than ever. The booming cluster of start-up and emerging technology companies springing up in East London (not to mention Cambridge, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol etc), alongside the governments investment in supporting that cluster via the Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO), demonstrate a very real opportunity for us all to challenge the tried and tested methods previously known to us.

One of London’s unique qualities, when it comes to this world, is that it has always had a pedigree of producing world-class start-up companies in the marketing and Adtech space. It makes sense when you think about it; London has the investment and is the location for the many of the world’s biggest agency headquarters.

Start-ups like Brainient and SecondSync (which every agency should know about if you don’t already) are perfect examples of this. These are examples of businesses who have already built solutions to problems that most either haven’t yet spotted, or didn’t think could be solved. All by closely studying the way people consume media and the role technology can now play in impacting upon that consumption and the decision making process that ensues.









As media and creative agencies we hold the rare privilege of conversing daily with the world’s best brands, but we also hold the responsibility to be constantly vigilant in finding solutions that solve their really big problems and deliver world-beating results as a consequence. At Vizeum we believe it is imperative for our clients that we are at the forefront of the start-up culture by involving ourselves in such a way that we can learn from and support these innovative businesses.

At Vizeum, we are very proud to join forces with UKTI and TCIO to not only back the launch of the new, adtech-focused, accelerator program The Bakery, but to bring some of our clients to the table with us. Alongside Vizeum clients BMW, Heinz, InBev and Panasonic, we are proud to support the next generation of London’s ad and marketing tech start-ups, fostering closer collaboration for the creative and tech industries and building a stronger, more advanced, London for all future clients to invest in.


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