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The value of experience

The maxims “Do as I say, not as I do” and “practise what you preach” are good summations of 2 approaches to communications: ‘telling’ and ‘behaving’.

Historically, advertisers would focus on ‘telling’ the story of their brand –  there is nothing inherently wrong with this, sometimes it’s the right approach for getting a message across quickly and simply.

But a more honourable and persuasive approach is for an advertiser to practise what they preach to demonstrate a true experience of their brand or product; to complement ‘telling’ with ‘behaving’.

At Vizeum, we help our clients create partnerships which bring to life this experience. We call these campaigns ‘Brand Experience Platforms’. They’re often long term and progressive and are always based on a deep rooted brand or product benefit which sits above an individual advertising idea.

For example, a Heinz ‘Get Well Soup’ campaign which saw customers ordering and sending a personalised can of Heinz soup to a poorly friend, or a BMW ‘Season’ event platform which associated with and let people experience the luxurious benefits of BMW at ‘the season’s’ hottest summer events. These campaigns fused the platform with the essence of the brand and crucially, let people become involved, shape and talk about the experience themselves.

A Brand Experience Platform can be inspired and developed in partnership with a number of different platform owners: media owners, event organisers, technology owners and talent to name but a few. Working with these partners we use communications to echo an actual positive product experience, helping existing brand users justify their choice and helping persuade potential users during the active evaluation stage.

In these campaigns paid media is still an important trigger and a tool for amplification, just as it is for campaigns focussed on ‘telling’. But it is about amplifying the involvement that the Brand Experience Platform has encouraged naturally.

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