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Q&A: MINI goes to the Movies

On Friday, MINI launched the biggest tailored cinema campaign ever in the UK in partnership with Vizeum and Digital Cinema Media.


The campaign will deliver 147 different versions of each ad with the last five seconds tailored to each cinema’s nearest dealership. Our aim is to showcase the benefits of Countryman model and encourage viewers to test drive the vehicles through a call-to-action that will provides details on their nearest dealer and the opportunity to win a free pair of cinema tickets.

To mark the campaign, we caught up with Michelle Roberts (MR), General Manager, MINI Brand Communications to find out a little more.

Q: Why does going to the movies fit well with the MINI brand?
MR: Cinema has always represented a fantastic platform to communicate with the public in an intimate and immersive setting. Previously, we had to deal with eight week lead times but now cinema campaigns can be delivered much closer to air date. More crucially, ads can be targeted to play out in cinemas based on a number of criteria.

By working with our partners – Vizeum, Digital Cinema Media and Pearl & Dean – we’ve found a way to make sure the adverts are tailored to the audience by their location and this fits perfectly with the unique and personal relationship that MINI has with its fans and customers.

Q: What is MINI hoping to communicate to consumers with this message?
MR: We wanted to raise awareness of the performance, design and practical benefits of the latest MINI Countryman model in a fun and inventive way which is showcased in the creative. In addition to this and as a priority of the campaign, we wanted to support our network of dealers to encourage prospective MINI owners to take the Countryman for a test drive.

Q: Why was the local angle so important for this campaign?
MR: We’re proud of the strength of our dealership network and so it’s important to us that we underline this by tailoring our communications as much as possible. Previously, this has been difficult to do on broadcast channels such as TV and cinema. However, with improved, digital technology communicating at a local level has become more achievable and allowed us to underline the breadth of our dealership network and encourage people to visit to test the vehicles.

Q: How does it fit into wider marketing for the Countryman range?
MR: Our aim is to underline the Countryman’s position as a versatile vehicle with space for five that boasts a range of economic and technological benefits for its owners.  We’re confident that getting people in the vehicles will allow them to fully appreciate its benefits and raise awareness of the convenience of their local dealership. With this in mind, location has been a big focus of the marketing activity and so we’ve also used Sky AdSmart in a similar way for better targeted campaigns based on the location of the viewer.