Vizeum unveils the consumer trends to look out for in 2016


Artificial Intelligence and mobile connectivity feature among the technology that will shape consumer behaviour and dictate the way brands behave in 2016, according to the latest BeOnTrend report from Vizeum.

The annual report, which is put together by our cutting-edge innovation team, identifies changes in how consumers are using technology and how marketers may be able to take advantage of them through communications.  This year’s edition recognises the impact that widespread smartphone usage and cloud computing is having on how consumers use technology within the following ten areas:

  • Touchdown: With more consumers embracing NFC and touchscreen devices, brands will begin to design experiences for a touch-native world
  • Eye-D: The growing prominence of biometric technologies will mean that the human body will be the key to unlock content
  • Game On: Mobile gaming will continue to grow in popularity and put greater emphasis on brands producing large-scale gaming solutions
  • New Portals: More and more consumer time is likely to be spent using just five non-native apps and increasing the desire for tech giants to keep consumers within their ecosystems
  • iPack: With the battle for consumer attention in-store intensifying, the way that brands use packaging will evolve into more engaging and sophisticated designs
  • Hey, Search: The development of voice recognition technology will see more brands optimising their content in  line with the evolution in traditional search behaviour
  • New Speak: As consumers continue to embrace the emoji as an form of communication and ultimately develop new ways to communicate meaning brands will have to keep pace
  • Smartificial: Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence will go main stream and be used to handle millions of data queries and automate logical flowchart processes
  • Disconnect: With complete mobile connectivity still some way off, next year is going to be all about giving consumers access to content while offline
  • Understood-Self: As people get a clearer view of how valuable their personal data, then they look to reap the benefits that come with sharing their personal information.

“All of our trends have beginnings in the past some have emerged in the last few months while others have been longer in the making, only coming to the fore next year when the right conditions of technological development, adoption and culture combine,” said Chrissy Totty, Head of Innovation, Vizeum“It is therefore vital that brands – particularly those focused on finding innovative outputs for their communications – find a way to work with the emerging tech companies that are driving these changes.”

BeOnTrend forms part of Vizeum’s mission to be its client’s most innovative partner by connecting clients with emerging tech companies through its SPARK tech incubator programme. The initiative identifies start-ups that can solve a business challenge for a brand and then works with all parties to bring that solution to market.

You can download the full report online using the following link.