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Your media week in two minutes…

While we were toasting success at this week’s Campaign Media Awards on Wednesday, one celebrity was already toast on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Gemma Collins demonstrated a complete lack of awareness of the show’s premise or even just its name before stepping on the plane to the other side of the world.

Poor Gemma’s plight seemed to be caused by the kind of oversight that you’ll never see from this newsletter, as we continue to bring you the most innovative stories from the seven days…


Uber opens the door to Spotify music
Infamous smartphone taxi app Uber will soon allow users to stream music from Spotify during rides, as the two have joined forces. The service will kick off in 10 cities around the world, including London, Singapore and Sydney, on Friday 21 November. To celebrate the launch, Londonders will be given the chance to see Professor Green perform at a mystery location. The service is only available to Spotify Premium customers, and Uber drivers can choose whether to take part and will retain control over the volume. This is a well-timed move from Spotify, following Taylor Swift’s departure claiming that its free option de-valued a musician’s art as they hope this partnership will encourage uptake of their premium service.


Make it rain dollar, dollar bills y’all
Snapchat has teamed up with challenger payment specialists Square to launch a money transfer service called Snapcash. It allows users to send and receive money directly from the app with Square’s existing offering providing an established system to ease security fears. Users can make a transfer by typing an amount into the subject line of an email. What sets this apart is the fun, intuitive way that users can ‘make it rain’ by swiping across the screen with their hand three times, in keeping with the way the messaging service is used. Snapcash is only out in the US but should it prove successful, and we see no reason why not, then wider rollout will follow.


Tinder gives Argos gift inspiration this Xmas
Retail giant Argos has launched a new gift finding app that has a ‘friend or fraud’ feature, which works in a very similar way to Tinder. It allows users to login via Facebook and explore the Argos catalogue through intuitive Tinder-style swiping system, asking you to swipe left for things you don’t like and swipe right for things you do. This builds up your gift profile and other friends with the app can play a game to see if they can guess your gift preferences. While you could argue that you don’t need an app to know whether your friend would be into One Direction rucksacks, the intent is good and it fits into their new rebrand’s aim to get people to think about Argos differently.

Turkish Airlines food comp gets Messi
Last year Turkish Airlines sent Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi on a world tour with a ‘Selfie Shootout’ contest that received more than 137 million views. This year it’s brought Messi back to race against fellow footie star Didier Drogba on a voyage to discover the most epic food in the world. The brand ‘tapped’ into both players’ food passions for a gastronomic contest and backed it with a public competition to upload their own EPIC food travel photos using #EpicFood. The aim is to build a compilation for an Epic food map that will give travellers new ideas for where to have their next adventurous meal.


Facebook to penalise brand pages that are overly promotional
Facebook has been reducing the organic reach of brand pages over that past 18 months leaving marketers frustrated and shareholders delighted. The latest set of changes are designed to reduce the organic reach of pages that post ‘overly promotional’ messages for instance those that encourage users to buy or download an app on their page. The aim is to improve the experience of users who, according to Facebook, were becoming increasingly annoyed with the number of promotional posts from pages they follow.

However, with advertisers still able to run promotional posts through advertising, many have questioned what the real motive is. After all, brands will have to pay if they want to drive an action from people that have already identified themselves as fans of that brand. The changes will occur from January and the social team will update you next year on the impact that it has on the organic reach of brand pages.