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Introducing the Orbit

Wednesday saw the first ever function at the Orbit – London 2012’s unique sculpture-slash-viewing lounge. And we can exclusively reveal – the views are amazing!


Hosted by the wonderful Haymarket, who have created some brilliant Olympics platforms and are set to roll out a whole host more in the near future, the evening presented an opportunity for a number of Olympic sponsors and associated agencies to mingle, enjoy the views and hear about Haymarket’s output.

Apart for Anish kapoor’s Orbit (which looks great up close and personal), and the untouchable views, the highlight of the occasion was the opportunity to peak down into the stadium itself and see how things were coming along… and they do seem to be.


The ‘mound’ and accompanying tree are in place, assorted greenery for Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony is slowly taking root in the soil of the building, and internally the stadium looks like something the whole nation can be proud of.

Of Haymarket’s many reasons to be proud, their official 2012 Olympic and Paralympic site, the official opportunity to follow the Olympic torch (as opposed to BMW’s Golden alternative!) and a number of join in apps stand out as reasons why the British public will be flocking to get involved in Olympic media this summer.

If the views, and Haymarket’s plans for their own Olympic offering are anything like those we experience during the games, it’s going to be a brilliant 2012.


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