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IAB Mobile Engage 2012

Last week’s IAB Mobile Engage conference felt super charged compared to previous years. From the waves of information our major take-outs were:

Addicted:  People gaze into their mobile screens up to 150 times a day. At home, at work, in stores, or while walking down the street, only glancing up into the wider world to check for oncoming traffic or any rogue grizzly bears.

“Save time, kill time, or be entertained”: According to Google, people are using smart phones to “save time, kill time, or be entertained”. Bruce Daisley from Twitter reinterpreted ‘killing time’ as – “filling the gaps between things”, or interstices. Mobile is being used as a new tool for behaviours that have always existed, such as comparing prices or ordering a pizza, as well as encouraging brand new behaviours too.

Mobile is unique, and tablets are too: Paraphrasing IAB Chairman, Richard Eyre, mobile is the most personal device possible, populated with what you want, not what a manufacturer determined you would want. Jon Mew (IAB) explained that tablet devices are a different beast to mobile phones and desktop computers in terms of where and how people are using them.

Retail leading the way: Dominos, Debenhams, and M&S, spoke of “augmenting the customer journey” and “[Being] always there, no matter what device a user is looking at”… Demonstrated these brands understood that having a mobile strategy was a necessity not a nice add-on.

Challenges for brands: Structure, finance, and resource present 3 significant challenges for brands who want to build mobile solutions that work. But help is at hand. One thing that was very clear from the event was the array of people passionate and skilled in mobile technology, and desperate to get things moving.

The need to invest: The use of mobile devices is only going to increase, and improved technology will only increase the potential solutions for publishers and brands. There is a huge need for investment of time and money. In the Apps, sites, or experiences that advertisers want to create, and in an ad spend that to befit the time users spend engaging with the medium. Flurry spelt out the gap here: people spend 23% of their media consumption time on mobile, yet it currently accounts for 1% of ad spend.

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