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Content marketing – How is it reshaping the media world?

Emmanuel came to join us as an intern in the fast paced world of new business and quickly immersed himself in a demanding role. After his eight weeks, we asked him to write us a blog post on content marketing:




Content marketing – How is it reshaping the media world?

Firstly content marketing is neither a new nor magical concept. ‘The Furrow’ a magazine launched in 1895 by John Deere gave tailored information to farmers on how to become more profitable. The once small magazine is still in circulation today in 40 counties and 12 different languages.

Several more recent great examples of content marketing in effect can be found on a post by Alexandra Skey, for example Lauren Luke, who “went from being a taxi cab dispatcher in England to building a brand bigger than beauty giant Estee Lauder.” Luke followed the basics of content marketing, possibly without knowing it. She first started off by selling make-up on EBay; she then delved into doing tutorial videos on YouTube and during that process she began to build a dedicated consumer-base who regularly watched her videos.

The right content on a consistent basis can be a game changer for any size business because social networks and mobile devices have given consumers such a broad choice in regards to how, where and when they wish to consume content. Furthermore, companies are responding and creating content which finds the balance between entertainment and consumer needs and can be used as a tool to have conversations with their customers; a great example of this is the Old Spice videos that went viral.

But content marketing isn’t a bleach white solution; there can be disadvantages to engaging with consumers in this way. Firstly, there is a likely chance that content you produce is already out there somewhere on the web, so it is important to build trust and authority, as consumers will naturally gravitate to sites and sources where the authors and publishers resonate with them. Secondly, in order to be successful in the continuation of traffic and loyal consumers, you must insure the quality of content is maintained. This quality must spread across all consumer touch points on and offline, ensuring the standard of your website, blog or channel is updated and monitored regularly. Once you build a healthy consumer-base, there will definitely become an expectation.

So to conclude, content marketing is reshaping how we engage with consumers from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ communication, putting consumer’s needs and wants at the heart of our media strategies. This is a generation of consumers who know what they are looking and where to find it and their trust is in honest feedback and reviews from other consumers, not brands.

Emmanuel Lebbie
(Vizeum Intern)