Yollywood: Kerry and Cartoon Network gets kids playing with their food

In 2015 ‘Yollies’ celebrated its first birthday. For those of you who aren’t parents (or kids) you may not be aware of the product yet: it’s a yoghurt lolly.

It’s a fast-growing brand for Kerry, with +18% growth 2013-2014, and one that they affectionately describe in their office as ‘good weird’.

But whilst ‘good weird’ might be an easy sell to curious kids, to succeed in a highly competitive kids’ food category, you need to excite sceptical parents well as their children. And, as with any new product, you need to actually get it into people’s hands – and their shopping baskets.

So this story is about how we brought parents and kids together in a good weird way, and put the product at the heart.

We discovered from the Babycentre that 60% mums with kids under 8 (our target) say that the most fun they have is playtime with their kids, so we knew that the most exciting thing we could do with marketing would help create more ways to play.

We created ‘Yollywood’. In partnership with Cartoon Network we turned the product experience into playtime, making Yollies themselves into tools to create mini-movies. Individual Yollies packaging were created to look like their
favourite Cartoon Network characters and the Yollies box folded out into mini film sets. We invited parents and kids to film stories with the Yollies and submit them online, with the very best creations put up in lights in ‘Yollywood’ – our Cartoon Network idents. It turned partnership into playtime.

Making it happen – with the product at the heart – required the most integrated marketing campaign we’ve ever staged.

We persuaded the Italian factory that produces the product to encase the lolly with the faces of Cartoon Network’s favourite characters: We Bare Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, and the Regular Show. Suddenly we had the stars for our films on eight million lolly sticks across every major supermarket. Kerry’s design agency then agreed to turn the interior of the box into a fold-out set to provide the back drop for these home-made Yollywood movies.

With all the physical pieces in place we promoted Yollywood by airing spots on Cartoon Network’s TV channels promoting the campaign idea, pushing them online to upload films to the website. The home made movies came streaming in – 217 to be precise – and 20 shortlisted videos were hosted on the Cartoon Network site before the 3 winners were announced and run as 30” spots on CN. The winners were all sent a bundle of Cartoon Network goodies along with a handful of Yollies!

Every single part of the Yollies business – from supply chain to marketing – got behind the campaign, creating the most integrated campaign possible and turning Yollies into something truly exciting for both parents and kids.

- 667 Kids 4-15 TVRs delivered / 922 Kids aged 4 to 8
TVRs delivered (to date)
- 2.2m impressions delivered
- 78k page views of microsite
- 25k UUs to microsite / 3min av dwell time
- 6% Pre Roll CTR (50% over delivery)

Key Points

Anna Moore, Brand Manager, Yollies

Cartoon Network is a really good fit for Yollies. We’re all about ‘good weird’, just like lots of programmes on Cartoon Network. Yollies has grown phenomenally since launching nearly two years ago and because we were able to combine it with our owned assets, the Cartoon Network partnership has brought even greater exposure.