Turning event TV into our own catwalk

Challenge: sells a wide range of fantastic goods. They sell furniture, video games, toys, cosmetics, electricals and pushchairs – all at fantastic prices. Generally that’s a source of strength, but when it comes to their fashion items, being a ‘one stop shop’ can be somewhat compromising: when you’re hunting for stylish, on-trend clothing a site selling toasters may not be first choice.

This challenge is particularly acute when it comes to the Christmas shopping season: clothing sales are disproportionately higher in this period than any other category, but increased sales also mean increased competitive spend. Attempting to tackle that cluttered season with a broadcast TV approach hadn’t delivered the growth we needed in years past so had to find a way of standing out as a fashion retailer during the busiest season of the year.

How could we do it?


Our audience, known as ‘Miss Very’, takes fashion inspiration from the world around her – particularly TV. But in today’s omni-channel world, these moments of inspiration are no longer passive, with Miss Very instantly investigating the outfits and items they spot on the shows they love. We knew that if we could integrate into these moments of inspiration, we could intercept Miss Very before she got a chance to go elsewhere.

Step forward The X Factor: the highest indexing TV show for our audience in the lead up to Christmas. We became The X Factor’s official fashion partner, building a digital store full of clothing featured on, and inspired by, The X Factor. Our media strategy then ensured that we drove digital interest in the show to that retail platform, being the first fashion brand that Miss Very saw whenever they were seeking out style content online.

Becoming the official fashion partner of The X Factor was the start of a campaign that integrated media and retail seamlessly.

With mobile interaction key for Miss Very, we started by building a mobile-optimised vertical on that contained all the apparel items featured and inspired by the show. We then created a seamless journey directly from the show itself by building a presence inside the official X Factor app, facilitating in app tap to purchase.

The show itself was connected to the Very store with Shazam, allowing Miss Very to be instantly directed to the outfits worn during individual performances by the contestants. Digital display on the ITV and X Factor websites further consolidated our integration, showing off items inspired by and featured on the show, and upweighted search around the show directed Miss Very to outfits featured on individual episodes. Every moment of inspiration on the show was turned into a moment that connected Miss Very to clothes she had just seen.

Topping it all off, we got X Factor stylist Gemma Sheppard to dress the show’s finalists with clothing for photoshoots, distributed in PR (both online and in print), and created video content with Gemma and a number of other fashion vloggers to talk about’s involvement with the X-Factor.


Our ambition to dominate those moments of inspiration worked: in the first week alone’s social impressions were up by +70% and engagements by +92%.

The carousel of’s products featured on the X-factor app drove an impressive 10% CTR directly to shopping baskets, and overall the activity helped drive a +14% increase in traffic over the competitive sales period. Sales of clothing and footwear increased by 4% in the first week alone, with a halo effect of +9% sales across the very site YoY.