MORE TH>N: Building the world’s most helpful content


In the age of insurance aggregator sites, price is has become a bigger factor in choosing a policy than ever before. That represents a conundrum for MORE TH>N: competing toe to toe on prices with budget insurers simply isn’t profitable or sustainable.

However, there is a core group of people who believe reputation is worth paying more for. And whilst MORE TH>N n’s historical focus on brand had already led to higher conversion figures than many aggregators, the challenge the client gave us in 2016 was maintaining that conversion uplift with 60% reduced brand investment by helping their most valuable audience – Mature Families – recognize them as likeable and helpful.

But here’s the thing: if helpfulness is defined by making it easier for other people to do things they want to do, most brands- and most advertising- aren’t helpful. Brands tend to spend their time persuading you to do what they want, and not listening to your priorities. So to win in the insurance category, MORE TH>N had reinvent how we built advertising content: we had to take the brand away, and build around needs first.


Create content that solved our audience’s everyday problems – and serve it up before they knew they needed it

By working with our SEO specialists and VCCP’s creative team, we built a content plan around the everyday problems people often needed help with. We studied the most frequently Googled “everyday” queries and where there were gaps in YouTube’s archives – questions unanswered –and then filled them with our helpful, explanatory content.

To make sure it was seen, we built a predictive distribution system, and retargeted the exposed audience with more traditional messages later.

First, we created a need-led content production system: using search behaviour insights, our team worked with VCCP to identify emerging customer needs from commonly Googled search terms – from how to clean your BBQ to how to repel spiders from your house. We then identified which needs lacked useful, readily available quality content online and plugged those gaps with our content. In all, we created 24 videos, each for a different every day need.

We knew that creating the content would not be enough: individuals do not seek out branded content (as they do unbranded) but tend to ‘discover’ the content. So rather than making them come to us, we studied historical search trends around the relevant terms and supported individual videos at the times of year they were most likely to be asked, allowing us to talk about barbecues before people even fired up their grill. Discovery was effortless, heightening the feeling of helpfulness.

To ensure we didn’t waste a reduced budget on unprofitable customers, all of this was governed by a custom targeting segmentation, allowing us to guarantee exposure against ‘Mature Families’ on social platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

Then, in a media first, we harnessed the goodwill our content generated by retargeting people exposed to the content on social via Youtube. We did this at the times when we knew they were specifically in market for insurance.


The content directly drove an incremental 48,000 visits to the MORE TH>N website resulting in a value of £960,000 in insurance quotes!

We increased policy consideration by 20% for Mature Families, versus people not exposed to the content activity – showing that listening to people and creating genuinely helpful content has a tangible effect.

By creating this initial helpful experience, then retargeting with an acquisition message, we increased CTR on the performance activity by 64% – proving the value of content and the link between brand activity and performance

Even though overall Brand investment for More Th>n had been reduced year on year, the higher conversion versus peers in aggregators was maintained.