Casio: An Indestructible model for creating a TV Show

Challenge: Casio G-Shocks are tough watches… really tough. So tough, in fact, that they’ve remained a favourite of intrepid sports and active lifestyle fanatics for the last 30 years. While 2015 had been a good year for the brand, it entered the crucial 2015 Christmas period with some lofty sales targets still to achieve. They wanted to drive a 10% year-on-year increase on Q4 sales.

However, pre-Christmas is overloaded with competitive messaging as every brand in the category goes to market (in 2014 category advertising spend was up 182% quarter on quarter, with G-shock having just 4% SOV). Whilst we’d historically used integrated TV partnerships to attract a more attentive audience, our young male core target was drifting away from broadcast TV towards short-form videos.

So how would we find a way to achieve the scale of traditional TV, with the relevance and attention of sponsorships past?

Solution:  Move from TV sponsorship to content ownership.

We combined the best of both worlds: we created our own content, themed around the G-Shock product, engaging enough to attract its own audience online before exploding it out onto TV.

Working with Factory media we would create a series of short form challenges where contestants would be tasked with creating stunts of courage and durability – just as the G-shock watches themselves were designed to survive any trial of toughness. We called this series ‘The Indestructibles’ and we would own the content both online and on TV through Dave.

We began with creating great, hyper-relevant content. The Indestructibles saw stars Tim and Gendle dropped-in to different locations around Britain, where they had to take inspiration from their surroundings and dream up epic stunts that seemed impossible. They were given just three days, two props and £1,000 to design, build and pull off an epic stunt moment, convincing an athlete from the world of action sports to take on their daring challenge.

With a young male audience hard to reach on TV, we focused first on building an audience for our content in the digital world. Thirty clips of epic UGC stunts, all tagged with G-SHOCK’s #EarnTheMoment hashtag, were seeded online, building excitement. To gain credibility, it was seeded to Factory Media’s stable of alternative sports and lifestyle properties, as well as their superfans through social, building further momentum and creating a group of influential fans who started sharing and commenting.

With our short-form content helping build popularity of the concept online, we then worked with Factory Media to get The Indestructibles broadcast on Dave, a key channel for our audience. We then turned promotors: working with partners to release trailers, tease stunts and produce list-style content celebrating the ethos of the show, pointing towards the show’s transmission and maximising our viewership on-air and online.

When the show aired on Dave, we integrated G-Shock messaging into the experience, using airtime to promote products around the hyper-relevant content we had built, and retargeting those online who had shown an interest in our content with product messaging. We had created a new approach to building a show – starting from short form digital content to a long form TV property.

Results: We exceeded our target, chalking up a +13% uplift in sales YoY across the campaign period. On top of that, sales of watches featured in the campaign rose 48% YoY.

Brand awareness also benefitted with an uplift of 84% YoY, while intent to purchase among our key audience rose a whopping 300% over the campaign period – benefitting from content that reached more than 24 million people.

And, as an added bonus, the show itself was a huge success – viewed by more than 10m people on Dave, it received 12 “Pick of the Days” in TV magazines and critics even declared the show as “…the next Top Gear…”.

Key Points

Jennifer Kelly, Senior Marketing Manager, G-SHOCK

The fact that our heritage is rooted in action sports made The Indestructibles project an obvious choice for us. We were instantly drawn to the opportunity due to the multi-channel nature of the campaign. Product awareness levels have exceeded all expectations, which is crucial for us when entering a new product category. We’re looking forward to building on the outstanding results of this campaign with future activity in the personal care category.