Camelot: Helping the nation to rekindle their Lotto dreams


The Conservatives are in government, Noel Edmonds hosts one of the best-loved shows on TV, and the England Football Team flatters to deceive. On the surface, little has changed since The National Lottery launched in 1994.

Over twenty years on, and The National Lottery (TNL) has now raised over £35 billion for Good Causes and made more than 4,250 millionaires. However, a big-money jackpot on its own is perhaps not as exciting as it was in the early days of the lottery, and the advent of catch-up TV makes it less likely that the entire family gathers on the sofa to watch the Saturday night draw.

In 2015, Camelot came up with an idea to grab the UK’s attention: it would guarantee a millionaire in every single Lotto draw. With two guaranteed millionaires a week, more of the UK than ever would be able to hope for a lottery win. But how would we re-inspire the British public to dream a little?


Show Britain that “what would you do if you won a million quid?” is a question that still fuels our wildest dreams.

The question that fuelled dreams about lottery success was always simple. “What would you do if you won a million quid?” And like all conversations, it’s contagious: the more other people talk about it, the more you want to join in. So to get normal people dreaming, we had to get normal people talking. In Gogglebox, Channel 4’s real life TV review show where British people from all walks of life discuss the UK’s cultural highlights, we had the perfect vehicle to show that normal people still dream about winning a million quid.

We produced a two-minute version of the show featuring its well-loved stars discussing their Lotto dreams and what they’d do if they won £1m. It would represent the first ever mini-episode of the TV show specifically for commercial airtime. We’d own the break of one of the country’s biggest shows to underline the life-changing potential of a Lotto win. We’d get normal people dreaming again.

The latest version of Camelot’s brilliant Please Not Them ads, starring original National Lottery host Noel Edmonds, provided the perfect content. So our mini-episode featured the Gogglebox stars discussing the ad and what they would do if they won big. We teased the episode on TNL’s owned channels the week before, and actively joined in the public’s conversations during the activity on those channels. Our ad aired to an audience of more than 5.4m.

We understood that the way people would share their lottery dreams had changed considerably since 1994, so we seeded out exclusive extra content through social media to ensure the message continued to resonate beyond our TV spot. Short clips were then aired in other programming which resonated with Gogglebox viewers’, and users of All4 could even select which of the three families they watched during ad breaks in VOD.


We drove a 100% increase in claimed purchase of a National Lottery ticket among our 5.4m viewers as people felt closer to Lotto than ever before. A whopping 115% increase in people that felt like the lottery was once again a national event showed that we’d brought back the enthusiasm that used to come with a Lotto draw. What’s more, they were 75% more likely to consider playing Lotto after seeing the partnership.