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Bringing Brands to Life, the Rise of AR

As technology evolves into our everyday lives, blurring the edges of the real and the digital, it is becoming increasingly important to recreate the experience of our brands within these overlapping environments.

New technologies daily offer the chance for consumers to interact with brands on a personal level. There are real opportunities to stand out and connect in an increasingly cluttered environment.

Augmented reality is one way for us to achieve this.

Once the playground for real techy wizards, now more and more consumer brands are working with the likes of Blippar and Aurasma to occupy this new virtual frontier and place themselves in consumer’s hands.

As part of our passion to push digital horizons we worked with Blippar to trial an AR platform for Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

Whether the future for Augmented Reality is in home, at point of sale or as heads up displays embedded in our everyday life ala. google glasses or as represented in near future Sci-Fi (Down and out in the magic kingdom), the technology is beginning to come of age for advertisers.

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