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BMW’s Olympic Gold

As an Olympic sponsor and torch relay partner, BMW wanted to find a way to support their association with the pre-Olympic procession, whilst also supporting their dealer network and showcasing their product.

Rather than advertise nationally we wanted to create a regional buzz, driving interest and involvement with the relay, far beyond the reach of traditional bought media…

Working with BMW’s partner agencies we created a relay of three golden BMW’s.


Supported by a blitz of local media and PR, the gold plated cars (1, 3, and 5 series), are currently en-route following all 70 days of the relay around the nation – tying into local dealerships and offering consumers the chance to win Olympic tickets.

Today the relay runs from Beaumaris in North Wales to Chester… over the border in England and followers of the golden BMW can track it’s route onsite via GPS or on its Twitter feed @goldenbmw #goldenbmw.


Spectators are encouraged to use their camera phones to photo, upload and share images of the golden BMW’s, creating interaction, social noise, the opportunity to visit the games… and for one lucky winner the chance to own a golden car for a year.

So far the results have been impressive… in the first week over 1,000 photo’s of the golden cars have been uploaded and consumers and dealers alike are delighted by the Olympic models.

By harnessing the power of bought, owned and earned media Vizeum, BMW and our partner agencies have created a national tour which not only highlights our links with the torch relay, but serves to increase excitement around the Olympic games.

If you are out and about and come across one of the golden BMWs, send in a snap… you might end up one step closer to Olympic gold.

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