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Are we on the brink of a T-Commerce revolution?

There is a revolution waiting to happen…a combination of smart TV growth and the relaxing of product placements laws means there is an incredible T-commerce (TV) opportunity for brands.

Functionality on multiple screens is becoming ubiquitous. Going from a phone to a smartphone to a tablet and what’s this…..a Phablet?!  Delivery and richness of content via a screen is now determined purely by the size of the screen and your connection speed.

Smart TV uptake will take this to the next level as using your Xbox, Apple TV or Zeebox & Sky+ box now allows you to use your largest screen in the same ways you’d use your smartphone regardless of investing in a Smart TV or not.  YouGov (May 2013) research shows that over a fifth (23%) of people now use set top boxes as their main way of accessing the internet on their televisions.

As of today, Google have jumped on the bandwagon and launched their own Chromecast, a dongle device allowing users to stream media from their multiple devices so these numbers are bound to increase significantly.

Mobile transactions with many advertisers are showing significant and rapid growth, however consumer’s unwillingness to purchase on smaller sized screens has stifled m-commerce solutions.

The next focus for growth which will far surpass mobile growth is the integration of a number of strands into a truly powerful on-screen transactional experience in T-commerce.  This confluence of events in the UK is smart TV growth, consumer willingness to transact in new ways via technology and the relaxing of the product placement laws.  Product placement has largely been in the realms of Aston Martin in a James Bond Movie – now advertisers can cede appropriate products within programming.  Who needs AFP’s when you can work directly with programme developers and all link together via a large screen based T-commerce platform?

That makes buying Burberry’s newest item on your TV directly after being prompted by seeing it in Britain’s Next Top Model seem like the most natural thing in the world.  American Express in the US appear to be the only brand who have seized this opportunity.  This can’t be a bad thing as if you chart ability to monetise against screen size there is a clear relationship between to be seen.

Ben Sutherland, Managing Partner – Head of Performance