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Agile Planning – The Vizeum Approach














The whole world is talking about BIG DATA and its implications for marketing and media.  Here at Vizeum we believe these opportunities can be leveraged using our unique approach to real-time, or as we know it ‘agile planning’.  We do this by utilising our agile planning principles, suite of proprietary tools and our ability to draw from talent across the Dentsu Aegis operating model.

We define agile planning as “a planning process that turns consumer behavioural data into useable information, enabling advertisers to respond and react to changes and opportunities immediately”

Within this, we pinpoint the signals that represent opportunities to your business.  We categorise them based on the behaviour they establish into three separate typologies:

  • The responsive signal
  • The reactive signal
  • The proactive signal

Our newly developed agile planning loop embeds the behaviours as part of our planning process.

We acknowledge that these new ways of working require change and therefore have identified the five key factors that help facilitate this more fluid way of working:

  1. Data
  2. People
  3. Investment
  4. Content
  5. Client


For the full article or more information on how this methodology can be applied to your business,

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