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Sam Hughes

Head of Press

The July – Dec 2012 ABC’s are not a positive set at first glance with the total magazine market down and this is will be concerning all publishers.  However, as we have seen over the last few ABC periods whilst the print edition is in decline there is still an appetite for print brands.  The digital editions continue to post really positive growth, in some instances doubling their figures, granted the numbers are relatively small but this is growing daily.

The weekly and in particular gossip / celebrity titles, have seen the most decline as the younger end of this readership seem to be getting their ‘celebrity / entertainment’ fix elsewhere.  Therefore publishers need to ensure that they are making their brand relevant and available on every platform their audience would want to consume their content.  Digital, mobile and tablets are all crucial to this market especially as smart phone and tablet penetration grows.

The older men’s lifestyle titles have done reasonably well with Shortlist and Sport being relatively static, whilst GQ and Esquire both posted increases POP. GQ & Esquire’s digital editions continue to grow well posting 106% & 59% increases respectively.

Elle Decoration and Style at Home are the clear winners in the Home Interest market which in itself is fairly stable with 5% and 22% increases YOY.  Elle Deco in particular will be celebrating as they also grew their digital editions by 523% making it currently the largest Home interest title on the ABCe.

In summary, yes the headline ABC figures do not on the surface look very rosy. However audiences still have an appetite for print brands but they want to consume them differently.  Publishers need to ensure that they are adapting and moving quickly to stay on top of these changes in consumption, to ensure that they do not lose their audiences completely.  We will no doubt next ABC see further growth in the digital editions and with recent tablet launches in the weeklies market I’m sure we can expect to see growth in this area.

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ABC Jul-Dec 2012