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A pitch in a day: bringing a live brief to the entire agency

13 March 2014 – a date that will be forever etched onto our memories.

This was the day that Vizeum launched our inaugural ‘Pitch in a Day’ competition. Its purpose? To give the entire agency and representatives from our key trading partners, first-hand experience of the pressures that come with a live client brief and help them to fully understand our new agency vision, which was built on the ideas of innovation and integration. As a result, the day would reward not just those that produced high-quality work, but those that came together as a team.

The plan, masterminded by one of the shining lights of the agency’s strategy team, Charlie Ebdy, was brilliantly simple.

One client, one brand, one brief, twelve teams and sixteen judges were primed and ready.

By 9am the office was at fever pitch.

Kerry Foods was the client in the spotlight and the live brief was for one of their signature brands, Richmond sausages. Chris Owen from Kerry attended the briefing sessions offering insight on the brand challenges and budget for 2015. After a myriad of questions from the various teams, desperate to edge ahead of the competition, it was time to begin.

The teams were dispersed across Regents Place to find a comfortable home for the next six hours, and the most inspirational space to help deliver a ‘simple strategy, brilliantly activated’.

At 4.30pm the teams were ready to present their solutions to the judges (made up from the management team). Presenting to peers in a competitive situation is no mean feat and the tension was tangible. With just ten minutes to make their pitch, salience was key.

From a judges’ perspective, it was amazing to see the rigour that had gone into the response with each team embracing the 70-20-10 model. Responses were hugely varied with ideas ranging from the simple to the, quite frankly, bonkers (sausage microphone anyone?).

Some teams made great use of ecosystems to present their idea, while others were developed something truly scaleable that could translate into other markets.

The judges had the difficult task of selecting finalists to go through to the grand finale the next day where an overall winner would be picked by the client from three remaining teams.

The day ended with weary yet elated souls heading to the Union for a well-deserved beverage or two in the hope they might gently pry the still-confidential results from the tight-lipped judges!

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