Auntie risks losing two-thirds of the nation’s youth

By Vizeum UK on 14th Mar 2014

There’s an ad that always springs to mind when I think about the BBC. It’s from 1996 and features Reeves and Mortimer as the stars of a range of ridiculous spoof TV programmes. Fortunately, we’re only left to imagine that ‘Detective in a Wheelbarrow’, ‘Three Blokes in a Bath’ and ‘Poldark on Mopeds’ would struggle [...]

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The most innovative ad from Super Bowl 48 didn’t happen on TV

By Vizeum UK on 4th Feb 2014

As VW pointed out in its teaser ad, there seem to be a tried and tested formula for Super Bowl spots, which usually includes celebrities and/or animals, slapstick humour and very high production values. For the 48th edition of ‘the biggest show on Earth’ a lot of advertisers stuck to some variation of this creatively, [...]

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Bookies: The Unsung Heroes of Innovation

By Vizeum UK on 10th Dec 2013

You and I are probably quite different.  You probably live life the normal way, using your intuition based on your experience and I live life based on expectation and the probability.  We would probably also have very different answers to the following question: “who is currently leading innovating in media?”  You may well answer “Foster’s, [...]

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ABC Print Brands Update (Jan – July)

By Vizeum UK on 28th Aug 2013
ABC Print Brands Update

 It will come as no surprise to anyone that the latest set of ABC results shows print circulation decreases for the majority of titles. We’re all fully versed in the way in which media continues to evolve, platforms develop and more and more audiences migrate to other touchpoints. But without using the broken record analogy, [...]

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Are we on the brink of a T-Commerce revolution?

By Vizeum UK on 25th Jul 2013

There is a revolution waiting to happen…a combination of smart TV growth and the relaxing of product placements laws means there is an incredible T-commerce (TV) opportunity for brands. Functionality on multiple screens is becoming ubiquitous. Going from a phone to a smartphone to a tablet and what’s this…..a Phablet?!  Delivery and richness of content [...]

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Google… knocking on the living room door

By Vizeum UK on 3rd Jul 2012
Connected TV

In August last year, Google acquired Motorola Mobility. The superficial rationale was the acquisition of patents to future proof its Android operating system. Another important factor may well have been to buy in Motorola’s expertise in the manufacture of TV set top boxes. This July, Google (in partnership with Sony) launch their own Android-powered set [...]

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