Pay clears the way to mass adoption for Apple Watch

By Vizeum UK on 10th Sep 2014
Apple Pay

Wearable technology has been the ‘next big thing’ for a little while now but has yet to really become a standard in consumer life outside the fitness market. In fact our Consumer Connections System data shows that adoption is only at 3% and heavily skewed to the London area. However, all that could be about [...]

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Using data to deliver advertising before a need emerges

By Vizeum UK on 30th Apr 2014
Google Now

Julian Assange took a typically reserved stance on the subject of privacy recently. “The ability to surveil everyone on the planet is almost there,” he decreed at SXSWi from his Ecuadorian bunker in the heart of Knightsbridge. To be honest, when it comes to filling the news pages, the integrity of personal data didn’t need [...]

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Your media week in two minutes

By Vizeum UK on 4th Apr 2014
Turkey blocks access to Twitter website

Top news story of the week The European Parliament has passed a net neutrality law, which means that ISPs cannot deliberately slow down access to certain sites or content. What makes this move so significant is that it keeps access to the web open for European citizens. By contrast, this type of law doesn’t exist [...]

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AWE 2014: The tension between brands and innovation

By Vizeum UK on 3rd Apr 2014
Piers Taylor

Piers Taylor was up on stage this week at Advertising Week Europe talking about innovation in technology in London and he took time out to blog for Campaign’s LIVE@AdvertisingWeek.  Here’s what he had to say about how technological innovation can be both an ally and an enemy to innovation for brands: “From social media and [...]

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Auntie risks losing two-thirds of the nation’s youth

By Vizeum UK on 14th Mar 2014

There’s an ad that always springs to mind when I think about the BBC. It’s from 1996 and features Reeves and Mortimer as the stars of a range of ridiculous spoof TV programmes. Fortunately, we’re only left to imagine that ‘Detective in a Wheelbarrow’, ‘Three Blokes in a Bath’ and ‘Poldark on Mopeds’ would struggle [...]

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How the present helps us embrace the past

By Vizeum UK on 12th Mar 2014

Facebook is now 10 years old but it appears the things people now want to share on the platform are much older. People aren’t so much interested in what their friends are doing now so much as what they were doing then. This, I believe, is symptomatic of a broader cultural trend that is often [...]

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Why being a contrary browser could fuel new discoveries

By Vizeum UK on 6th Mar 2014

In the ever-growing and expansive world of apps, I love the ambition of a new entrant in particular. Forgotify promises to rescue the music that sits in Spotify’s extensive and vast library having never – yes, never – been listened to. Because it has been deprived of its opportunity to impress, this poor, undiscovered music [...]

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The most innovative ad from Super Bowl 48 didn’t happen on TV

By Vizeum UK on 4th Feb 2014

As VW pointed out in its teaser ad, there seem to be a tried and tested formula for Super Bowl spots, which usually includes celebrities and/or animals, slapstick humour and very high production values. For the 48th edition of ‘the biggest show on Earth’ a lot of advertisers stuck to some variation of this creatively, [...]

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