Richard Morris

Public’s favourite works of art return to the streets

By Vizeum UK on 31st Jul 2014
CC Patrick Caulfield, Pottery _ The estate of Patrick Caulfield

Art Everywhere is back, putting great pieces on a truly public display via a combination of new technology and outdoor media’s intrinsic potency, as Vizeum UK’s MD¬†Richard Morris explained in a recent article for Campaign. Have you seen it? Art Everywhere, the collaborative project presented by the out-of-home industry, is truly something to celebrate. Thanks [...]

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How the present helps us embrace the past

By Vizeum UK on 12th Mar 2014

Facebook is now 10 years old but it appears the things people now want to share on the platform are much older. People aren’t so much interested in what their friends are doing now so much as what they were doing then. This, I believe, is symptomatic of a broader cultural trend that is often [...]

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