Real-time Planning

Super Bowl 50: A whole lot less to talk about

By Vizeum UK on 12th Feb 2016
SB50 - Peyton Manning

The 50th Super Bowl was a sporting spectacle, musical show down and advertising showcase all rolled into one. The underdog Denver Broncos won the sporting bit, creating a fairy-tale ending for Peyton Manning’s career. Musical performances included Lady Gaga, looking like a fierce Hunger Games host in sparkly red suit as she belted out the [...]

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A Vizeum view on the economy – February 2014

By Vizeum UK on 18th Feb 2014
Vizeum a view on the economy

A month into 2014 and the hope in many quarters was that some clarity over the state of the economy would begin to emerge. However, turmoil in emerging markets (BRIC and MINT) and the US tapering its quantitative easing policy has meant global events are combining with existing UK based structural disposable income to raise [...]

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Bookies: The Unsung Heroes of Innovation

By Vizeum UK on 10th Dec 2013

You and I are probably quite different.  You probably live life the normal way, using your intuition based on your experience and I live life based on expectation and the probability.  We would probably also have very different answers to the following question: “who is currently leading innovating in media?”  You may well answer “Foster’s, [...]

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Agile Planning – The Vizeum Approach

By Vizeum UK on 29th Aug 2013
Real time

                          The whole world is talking about BIG DATA and its implications for marketing and media.  Here at Vizeum we believe these opportunities can be leveraged using our unique approach to real-time, or as we know it ‘agile planning’.  We do this by [...]

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