GUEST BLOG: Lost in translation… how to make better DecisionZ

By Vizeum UK on 8th Dec 2014
Lewis Hamilton

Salve accepto gratias propter hanc ad tempus. No, don’t go, this is not a broken link; you are indeed on the Vizeum blog. I just decided to open with a little bit of Latin, as you do. You see, as many of your will already have observed, media owners are renowned for speaking a totally [...]

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Where will OOH take you this year?

By Vizeum UK on 21st Feb 2014
Pizza Hut interactive cinema

“NFC? It’s like teenage sex”, one client told me lately, “everyone is talking about it, but hardly anybody is actually doing it!” There is no disputing the fact that mobile is in its element right now, and research from the OMC confirms that OOH is the best medium for driving mobile search. Ironically, the world’s [...]

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Customers are human too: Advertisers need to act like humans to make connections that count

By Vizeum UK on 6th Feb 2014
Scott Magee

The global growth of Smartphones is 53% year on year and is far outpacing the growth in human population (1.14% annual growth UN). It would be easy to think that smartphones (and other devices like them) will define the way that humans relate to each other in the future, but devices are no substitute for [...]

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Contactless – Can touch this

By Vizeum UK on 23rd Jan 2014
Sam Battams bw

I’d like to think I don’t pop into my local M&S to buy overpriced ready-mades too often, but the occasional peak through my fingers at my online banking suggests otherwise. And I think I know why. The contactless payment machines, which this M&S installed some months ago, are not just frictionless; I dare say they’re [...]

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Pioneering out of home work with Posterscope, Vizeum and BMW.

By Vizeum UK on 26th Jul 2012

Morgan House, located outside the Stratford Train Station is the biggest banner ever to be built in the UK. Coming at just under 5600sq metres, 58% of Games Time traffic who will come through Stratford will be met by Morgan House en route to the Olympic park.

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BMW’s Olympic Gold

By Vizeum UK on 29th May 2012

As an Olympic sponsor and torch relay partner, BMW wanted to find a way to support their association with the pre-Olympic procession, whilst also supporting their dealer network and showcasing their product. Rather than advertise nationally we wanted to create a regional buzz, driving interest and involvement with the relay, far beyond the reach of [...]

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The value of experience

By Vizeum UK on 3rd May 2012

The maxims “Do as I say, not as I do” and “practise what you preach” are good summations of 2 approaches to communications: ‘telling’ and ‘behaving’. Historically, advertisers would focus on ‘telling’ the story of their brand –  there is nothing inherently wrong with this, sometimes it’s the right approach for getting a message across [...]

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