The outlook’s clear with a risk of showers – Belwether Q3

By Vizeum UK on 16th Oct 2014
Bellwether Report

Marketing budgets have continued to rise in the Q3 edition of the IPA Bellwether Report marking two years of continued growth. It means that the survey has reached third-highest level in the survey’s 14-year history. The figures show a net balance of 12.6% of businesses that have increased in budgets during the third quarter of [...]

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A Vizeum view of the economy: the ‘Goldilocks’ stage – May 2014

By Vizeum UK on 7th May 2014

Last week we received confirmation that the UK economy had reached what most commentators are calling the ‘Goldilocks’ stage, with growth is neither too hot or too cold.  With a fifth consecutive quarter of growth and an annualised rate of 3.1% it’s expected that the country will finally return to 2008 levels of output in [...]

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A Vizeum view of the economy – March 2014

By Vizeum UK on 24th Mar 2014
George Osborne budget

A very political budget turned out to be more interesting than anticipated thanks to a complete overhaul of the pension system, a reworking of the ISA, the confirmation of a new ‘garden town’ at Ebbsfleet and an extension of the Help to Buy scheme.  It certainly looks as though the policies are specifically aimed at [...]

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A Vizeum view on the economy – February 2014

By Vizeum UK on 18th Feb 2014
Vizeum a view on the economy

A month into 2014 and the hope in many quarters was that some clarity over the state of the economy would begin to emerge. However, turmoil in emerging markets (BRIC and MINT) and the US tapering its quantitative easing policy has meant global events are combining with existing UK based structural disposable income to raise [...]

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By Vizeum UK on 15th Nov 2013

“The glass is half-full” – so says Governor Mark Carney of the Bank of England.  Following on from the Q3 GDP growth figures at the end of October (0.8% rise) and the revised BoE predictions for the UK in 2013, a full year rise of 1.6% up from 1.4%, there is a growing consensus that [...]

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A Vizeum View on the Economy – October 2013

By Vizeum UK on 13th Oct 2013

Economically speaking, it’s been a month of real interest, with several key indicators painting a picture of a dysfunctional and split economy.  The Q3 GDP is expected on Friday with the market currently taking the view that growth will be slightly up on Q2 at 0.8%. Extrapolated out this comes to an estimated 2.5% annual [...]

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A Vizeum view on the economy – September 2013

By Vizeum UK on 17th Sep 2013

  The UK economy is ‘turning a corner’ according to George Osborne, following the recent upgrade of Q2 GDP growth figures from 0.6% to 0.7%. Why has a mere 0.1% been enough to get the politicians and economists raving? The answer is clear when you compare growth rates vs other big economies around the world. [...]

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ABC Print Brands Update (Jan – July)

By Vizeum UK on 28th Aug 2013
ABC Print Brands Update

 It will come as no surprise to anyone that the latest set of ABC results shows print circulation decreases for the majority of titles. We’re all fully versed in the way in which media continues to evolve, platforms develop and more and more audiences migrate to other touchpoints. But without using the broken record analogy, [...]

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Vizeum: Forward guidance and the BoE – What does it mean?

By Vizeum UK on 15th Aug 2013

Some of you may be aware that on Wednesday the new governor of the Bank of England made a pretty ground breaking statement. In basic terms he informed the country that interest rates are to remain at their current low level (0.5%) for the short term. What does the “short term” mean?  Mr Carney has [...]

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