Super Bowl 50: A whole lot less to talk about

By Vizeum UK on 12th Feb 2016
SB50 - Peyton Manning

The 50th Super Bowl was a sporting spectacle, musical show down and advertising showcase all rolled into one. The underdog Denver Broncos won the sporting bit, creating a fairy-tale ending for Peyton Manning’s career. Musical performances included Lady Gaga, looking like a fierce Hunger Games host in sparkly red suit as she belted out the [...]

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Five lessons that the success of Serial teaches marketers

By Vizeum UK on 22nd Dec 2014

There are timely lessons marketers can glean from the phenomenon that was the Serial podcast and it’s all about being human, as our  head of integrated startegy James Hankins explained to Marketing Magazine. Every once in a while a story reignites in a category. Last week brought an end to the unprecedented success of podcast [...]

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Q&A: Email Marketing & CRM with Nina Thompson

By Vizeum UK on 17th Nov 2014

Earlier this year our Malibu eCRM campaign was the pick of the bunch at the Performance Marketing Awards picking up the Grand Prix award, and so its been back on the shortlists once more… this time for The Digitals from eConsultancy. Nina Thompson, our eCRM account director and one of the brains of the campaign, [...]

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Q&A: MINI goes to the Movies

By Vizeum UK on 15th Sep 2014
MINI at the Movies

On Friday, MINI launched the biggest tailored cinema campaign ever in the UK in partnership with Vizeum and Digital Cinema Media.   The campaign will deliver 147 different versions of each ad with the last five seconds tailored to each cinema’s nearest dealership. Our aim is to showcase the benefits of Countryman model and encourage [...]

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Pay clears the way to mass adoption for Apple Watch

By Vizeum UK on 10th Sep 2014
Apple Pay

Wearable technology has been the ‘next big thing’ for a little while now but has yet to really become a standard in consumer life outside the fitness market. In fact our Consumer Connections System data shows that adoption is only at 3% and heavily skewed to the London area. However, all that could be about [...]

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Digital opens up greater reach for newsbrands

By Vizeum UK on 28th May 2014
iPad - Newspapers

The number of people who read newspapers has always been vast (up to 30 million a week in 2013, according to NRS). However, as people’s behaviour has changed and they spend more time on digital devices (e.g. mobile increasing from 15 seconds per day in 2010 to nearly two minutes today, according to eMarketer), the [...]

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Using data to deliver advertising before a need emerges

By Vizeum UK on 30th Apr 2014
Google Now

Julian Assange took a typically reserved stance on the subject of privacy recently. “The ability to surveil everyone on the planet is almost there,” he decreed at SXSWi from his Ecuadorian bunker in the heart of Knightsbridge. To be honest, when it comes to filling the news pages, the integrity of personal data didn’t need [...]

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Auntie risks losing two-thirds of the nation’s youth

By Vizeum UK on 14th Mar 2014

There’s an ad that always springs to mind when I think about the BBC. It’s from 1996 and features Reeves and Mortimer as the stars of a range of ridiculous spoof TV programmes. Fortunately, we’re only left to imagine that ‘Detective in a Wheelbarrow’, ‘Three Blokes in a Bath’ and ‘Poldark on Mopeds’ would struggle [...]

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ABC Print Brands Update (July ’13 – December ’13)

By Vizeum UK on 19th Feb 2014

This ABC sees a step forward in the market with the introduction of a combined print and digital edition for the first time ever, this is a great start but by no means paints the whole picture for the print market. The headline figure still doesn’t include the fully interactive tablet, mobile, web or social reach, but this [...]

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Customers are human too: Advertisers need to act like humans to make connections that count

By Vizeum UK on 6th Feb 2014
Scott Magee

The global growth of Smartphones is 53% year on year and is far outpacing the growth in human population (1.14% annual growth UN). It would be easy to think that smartphones (and other devices like them) will define the way that humans relate to each other in the future, but devices are no substitute for [...]

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Contactless – Can touch this

By Vizeum UK on 23rd Jan 2014
Sam Battams bw

I’d like to think I don’t pop into my local M&S to buy overpriced ready-mades too often, but the occasional peak through my fingers at my online banking suggests otherwise. And I think I know why. The contactless payment machines, which this M&S installed some months ago, are not just frictionless; I dare say they’re [...]

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Social Discovery

By Vizeum UK on 15th Jan 2014
ruro bw

We’re definitely not suggesting 2014 will be the end of the traditional search engine, the change will be the decline of search as the main referrer and a switch towards social being the key way we discover content. When I started using the internet at home in 1997 my web experiences, like everyone else, started [...]

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Google @ iProspect

By Vizeum UK on 9th Jan 2014
Google @ iProspect

Great digital marketing is more than just science, it’s also about great creativity. On November 27th, iProspect (our Sister digital performance agency and part of the Dentsu Aegis Network) teamed up with Google to explore this view and examine the rapid convergence of creativity and data that is currently impacting the advertising and marketing industry. [...]

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The Future of National Newspapers

By Vizeum UK on 3rd Oct 2013

  The ‘Future of National Newspapers’, hosted by Mediatel sparked some interesting debate around the challenges facing Newspapers & News brands.  In my opinion there were two main areas of interest; the first being the way we talk about newspapers and the second how we measure the strength and power of these titles and brands. Whilst [...]

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ABC Print Brands Update (Jan – July)

By Vizeum UK on 28th Aug 2013
ABC Print Brands Update

 It will come as no surprise to anyone that the latest set of ABC results shows print circulation decreases for the majority of titles. We’re all fully versed in the way in which media continues to evolve, platforms develop and more and more audiences migrate to other touchpoints. But without using the broken record analogy, [...]

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Are we on the brink of a T-Commerce revolution?

By Vizeum UK on 25th Jul 2013

There is a revolution waiting to happen…a combination of smart TV growth and the relaxing of product placements laws means there is an incredible T-commerce (TV) opportunity for brands. Functionality on multiple screens is becoming ubiquitous. Going from a phone to a smartphone to a tablet and what’s this…..a Phablet?!  Delivery and richness of content [...]

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A Google Squared Experience

By Vizeum UK on 11th May 2013

The Google Squared course is a joint initiative by Google, the IPA and Impact International, for recent graduates working in media and advertising. I expected the six week course to give me an intensive Google-branded education that would clue me up on all things digital. I was wholly prepared for an onslaught of digi-acronyms and [...]

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Content marketing – How is it reshaping the media world?

By Vizeum UK on 1st May 2013

Emmanuel came to join us as an intern in the fast paced world of new business and quickly immersed himself in a demanding role. After his eight weeks, we asked him to write us a blog post on content marketing:       Content marketing – How is it reshaping the media world? Firstly content [...]

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Why Vizeum is supporting The Bakery and bringing our clients with us

By Vizeum UK on 4th Mar 2013
Tech City Website Shot

This is an exciting week for all of us. Not just for the team here at Vizeum, but for all of who work for media and creative agencies. Words like ‘innovation’, ‘platform integration’, ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘start-up approach’ and ‘disruptive’ are thrown around daily as we constantly searching for new and more effective solutions for our clients. [...]

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The Incompatibility of Human Thinking and the Digital Age

By Vizeum UK on 20th Feb 2013

Technological advancements in the last three years have occurred at frightening pace. This event does not appear to be a temporary fixture as the rate of development continues to increase.  On the other hand, the evolution of man has taken several million years. Our behaviour and style of thinking are established. It takes time for [...]

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