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Vizeum in the press: why content is vital to cinema ads

By Vizeum UK on 22nd Aug 2014
Cinema 2

The latest issue of Marketing Week looked at concerns that Cineworld cinemas are keeping the house lights up during ad breaks after the introduction a new allocated seating policy, which they say could be negatively impacting consumer engagement with a campaign. Our very own Account Director, Farhann Cachra made the case for better content – [...]

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Why being pragmatically political is the only way to grow brands in the digital age

By Vizeum UK on 15th Jul 2014

This essay argues that in order to survive in the digital era brand must become pragmatically political. This follows massive cultural change which has followed the rise of digital communications and hurt the global middle classes. These groups of consumers are finding their jobs under threat and consuming power squashed, leading to changes in shopping [...]

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7 Key Principles for Launching an eCRM Loyalty Programme

By Vizeum UK on 27th May 2014

In a world where consumers have become used to and now even expect loyalty programmes from the brands they love, companies big and small – not just the high street giants –  are now clamouring to put their customer data to better use. But where to start? Our Head of eCRM, Anna Blackwell, buoyed by [...]

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Media360: Putting emotion into marketing

By Vizeum UK on 9th May 2014
Emotional Marketing

Emotive marketing, storytelling and native advertising were the hot intrinsic topics on day two of Media Week’s #Media360.  John Kingston, the “chief juicer” of market research agency Brainjuicer, delighted audiences with an animated presentation on his principles of emotive marketing. He brought these  to life with a series of colourful metaphors, which included describing the [...]

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A Vizeum view of the economy – March 2014

By Vizeum UK on 24th Mar 2014
George Osborne budget

A very political budget turned out to be more interesting than anticipated thanks to a complete overhaul of the pension system, a reworking of the ISA, the confirmation of a new ‘garden town’ at Ebbsfleet and an extension of the Help to Buy scheme.  It certainly looks as though the policies are specifically aimed at [...]

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Customers are human too: Advertisers need to act like humans to make connections that count

By Vizeum UK on 6th Feb 2014
Scott Magee

The global growth of Smartphones is 53% year on year and is far outpacing the growth in human population (1.14% annual growth UN). It would be easy to think that smartphones (and other devices like them) will define the way that humans relate to each other in the future, but devices are no substitute for [...]

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The most innovative ad from Super Bowl 48 didn’t happen on TV

By Vizeum UK on 4th Feb 2014

As VW pointed out in its teaser ad, there seem to be a tried and tested formula for Super Bowl spots, which usually includes celebrities and/or animals, slapstick humour and very high production values. For the 48th edition of ‘the biggest show on Earth’ a lot of advertisers stuck to some variation of this creatively, [...]

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The S.C.I.E.N.C.E of Brand Growth

By Vizeum UK on 23rd Oct 2013
Science of brand growth pic

Over the last few years there has been a ground swell of evidence that has shown that the most successful brands, those that deliver more sales and grow, are the brands that make themselves more ‘mentally available’ than the competition. But how effective is modern marketing at delivering this? The answer, it would appear, is [...]

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A Vizeum view on the economy – September 2013

By Vizeum UK on 17th Sep 2013

  The UK economy is ‘turning a corner’ according to George Osborne, following the recent upgrade of Q2 GDP growth figures from 0.6% to 0.7%. Why has a mere 0.1% been enough to get the politicians and economists raving? The answer is clear when you compare growth rates vs other big economies around the world. [...]

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Vizeum: Forward guidance and the BoE – What does it mean?

By Vizeum UK on 15th Aug 2013

Some of you may be aware that on Wednesday the new governor of the Bank of England made a pretty ground breaking statement. In basic terms he informed the country that interest rates are to remain at their current low level (0.5%) for the short term. What does the “short term” mean?  Mr Carney has [...]

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