GUEST BLOG: Chatbots can’t chat, Humans can…

By Vizeum UK on 5th Apr 2017
Chat Bots

Chatbots are no longer the stuff of trend forecasts. They’re here, and they’re on the rise. But let’s not forget the impact of unscripted human interactions. If people and chatbots work hand-in-hand, valuable, irreplicable, genuine moments – the kind that put smiles on faces and build genuine brand loyalty – won’t be lost.   Where [...]

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A note from a feminist

By Vizeum UK on 8th Mar 2017
Scott Magee cropped

To recognise International Women’s Day, our very own Scott Magee – co-chair of Dentsu Aegis Network’s equality network ONE – gives his views on gender in the modern world.  It’s amazing how life sometimes gives you just what you need. Having grown up in a large extended family that was very loving but also a [...]

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My Media Week with Louise Martell

By Vizeum UK on 27th Feb 2017
Louise Martell. London January 2017.

Louise Martell, our head of planning, gave industry bible Campaign an insight into a typical working week. Read on as she discusses a network-wide new business opportunity and chases one of her planners across Regents Park (all in the name of fitness). Monday I start the week as I do every Monday morning, at the all-agency [...]

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The Real Path to Integrated Innovation

By Vizeum UK on 14th Feb 2017

While many companies like to talk a good game when it comes to innovation, at Vizeum we’re all about making it tangible for our clients. That’s why last year, we strengthened our ‘smart thinking’ output with the addition of Grace Letley as innovation strategy director and embedded six innovation specialists within our client teams. They’re [...]

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Super Bowl 50: A whole lot less to talk about

By Vizeum UK on 12th Feb 2016
SB50 - Peyton Manning

The 50th Super Bowl was a sporting spectacle, musical show down and advertising showcase all rolled into one. The underdog Denver Broncos won the sporting bit, creating a fairy-tale ending for Peyton Manning’s career. Musical performances included Lady Gaga, looking like a fierce Hunger Games host in sparkly red suit as she belted out the [...]

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ABCs: Free market continues to prosper as focus turns to branding

By Vizeum UK on 14th Aug 2015

The latest ABC results prove the success of the free market and publishers with specialist content. In a continued trend, the free market remains buoyant posting a PoP increase, little wonder then that other publishing groups are also keen to enter this space. We’ve seen the launch of TV Mag, Dennis announce plans to launch [...]

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Data and emotion are unlikely doubles partners

By Vizeum UK on 10th Jul 2015
Data and emotion are unlikely doubles partners

There is nothing like Wimbledon to get brands excited about real time marketing. In a single tennis match the crowd often ride a rollercoaster of emotions, with momentum shifts mid-match and the tease of potential glory for the underdog. It’s likely your social media feed is full of #comeonandy and maybe the odd comedy #comeontim, [...]

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A view from The Vanity Fair Digital Summit

By Vizeum UK on 7th Jul 2015
Vanity Fair Digital Summit

It was with intrigue and intellectual curiosity that I entered Shoreditch Town Hall. What would a line-up billed as ‘world’s most prominent innovators and influential leaders across the tech sector and digital world’ have in store for us? The afternoon was structured around panel discussions covering a breadth of topics that reflected on the power [...]

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My Media Week: Jem Lloyd-Williams

By Vizeum UK on 10th Jun 2015
Jem Lloyd-Williams

Jem Lloyd-Williams, executive director, product & innovation at Vizeum UK, has given Media Week a peek into how a typical week shapes up. Read about how he joined the cream of media in the Brighton sunshine for Media 360 and much more…  Monday To ensure we all check in with each other and understand the focus for the week ahead, [...]

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Tech viewpoint… on audio watermarking

By Vizeum UK on 5th May 2015

Fergus Hynd, pebble {code}, technology R&D innovation consultant While most of us may have used a service like Shazam, few of us are aware what is going on behind the scenes. When you Shazam an audio track the service has to search a huge database to match the audio snapshot to something on record, very [...]

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England cricket team’s demise holds a warning for adland

By Vizeum UK on 2nd Apr 2015
Cricket World Cup

The complete and shambolic failure of the England Cricket Team in Australia during the World Cup provides a stark warning for advertisers and their agencies, says Andrew Lloyd, our managing partner for planning. It’s Sunday evening. I appear to be alone in the living room with the remote control. Wife and four-month-old son seemingly occupied [...]

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SXSW: Beyond Human – just because we could, does it mean we should?

By Vizeum UK on 20th Mar 2015
Six Million Dollar Man

When we think of our future self, very few of us would see ourselves as a digital clone or even with our limbs replaced by bionic prosthetics. However, this vision of the future is something that could be moving out of the realms of science fiction and into reality, according to several speakers as SXSWi. [...]

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SXSW: Pivoting for success, lessons from netball

By Vizeum UK on 20th Mar 2015

You might not expect it. But a popular term at SXSW has been pivot. Eric Ries, author of iconic entrepreneur text The Lean Startup, David Cohen, co-founder of start-up accelerator Techstars and Jonah Peretti, founder and CEO of Buzzfeed, have all drawn mentioned to the word. Unfortunately, they’re not referring to the nifty footwork manoeuvre from Netball, [...]

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SXSW: We’re all different… What personalisation means for content

By Vizeum UK on 19th Mar 2015

Believe it or not, almost every talk at SXSW this year has referenced data. Whether that’s privacy, new sources such as wearables, or creative use of it as a medium for content, data has been the buzzword of the festival. From filmmakers to developers, many recognise the new opportunities it provides to personalise experiences and [...]

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SXSW: The Connected City is closer than you think…

By Vizeum UK on 17th Mar 2015
City 2

Governments and public institutions are perceived as notoriously slow to innovate, but things are starting to change. At a SXSW session on the City 2.0, it was clear that large cities are grasping technological innovation with both hands as a way to solve long-running problems. Most major US cities like Chicago and New York have [...]

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SXSW: From Oslo to Mexico, what are the five conditions for innovation?

By Vizeum UK on 16th Mar 2015
Oslo StartUp

“We build the dance floor and let the entrepreneurs dance” Hallstein Bjercke, vice mayor of Oslo, panel discussion on The Oslo Startup Story, SXSW 2015 Austin, Texas, host city of SXSW Interactive, is a city buzzing with ideas during the five days of the festival, but is also rife with innovation all year round. It’s [...]

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SXSW: Who owns data in a connected world? Entering the age of Sensorship…

By Vizeum UK on 16th Mar 2015
Baby Monitor

Connected has undoubtedly been more than just a buzzword at SXSW 2015… especially in the tech showcased that connects the physical and digital in health, cars and retail . Of course, the Internet of Things is by no means a new concept with wearable devices already bringing our own bodies closer to the digital world [...]

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Vizeum gets ready for SXSWi

By Vizeum UK on 2nd Mar 2015

We’re all different… What personalisation means for content Pivoting for success, lessons from netball Beyond Human – just because we could, does it mean we should? The Connected City is closer than you think… From Oslo to Mexico, what are the five conditions for innovation? Who owns data in a connected world? Entering the age [...]

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Lessons from the Super Bowl…

By Vizeum UK on 3rd Feb 2015
Katy Perry - Super Bowl

So, the confetti has (probably just about) been swept away following on one of the greatest and most dramatic Super Bowls of all-time. While Tom Brady and the New England Patriots cemented their place in sporting folklore, America’s showpiece sporting and ad event also gave marketers a few lessons – aside from dramatic finishes. The [...]

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Your Media Week In Two Minutes

By Vizeum UK on 30th Jan 2015
Tom Brady

Hot Dogs? Check. Nachos? Check. Crisp cold Budweisers? Check. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman… the time is nearly upon us to indulge in the excessive gravitas of the America’s premiere sporting event – The Super Bowl. NBC gave us a dose of the last minute drama that those that manage to stay awake into [...]

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